Lost in the Cosmos

I am not really lost. But I am finding another part of myself.

One that is longing for stability, but fighting it at the same time. This is what working at an office “full-time” (more on this at a later time) will do to you.

As a creative freelancer for the past five years, previously, I worked out of my Brooklyn space and was able to schedule my day the way I wanted. Wake up, work out, or not, do client work for a few hours, take in a flick to stroke the creative juices, then work some on my personal writing projects. This was a certain type of bliss I appreciated.

Until I started to lose clients. Due to budget restraints or changing client needs I was often spending more time trying to find new business than I was on my writing, which sucked.

So when an opportunity came to work full-time at a publishing company came about I knew it was something I had to pursue. It’s a demanding job that I love, but now I am back to having to scratch to find more time for my writing.

I started my second novella, but I’ve literally been pecking at it instead going in with a fullness that I usually like to when working on any type of book.

It’s an issue that I have to resolve and I know I will have to make some decisions that will call for changes and adjustments on my part.

I am committed to being a full-time author one day so this is necessary and it needs to be dealt with ASAP.

Putting this down in writing is helpful because it’s not a quiet hope or dream—it’s active and alive and in the open so I have to make it happen.

I also need to be more active here like I used to be.

I am calling myself out.


Is there something that you need to call yourself out on? Share in the comments and let’s support one another!

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