This Is When The Real Work Begins


I had such high hopes for January. Didn’t we all though? Every new year we do this. We set ourselves up for success and progress and burn out by the end of the month. It’s kind of funny actually.

I won’t say that I’ve burned out just yet, but the past 31 days have not gone like I had hoped. No matter, it’s early enough in the year that I won’t let it break me, but whew chile, the disappointment.

At the end of last year I had two job leads that were quite promising. I just knew I’d be working by now. Nope. They both fell through. The manner in which they fell through was truly heartbreaking too. I had prepared and worked so hard to get ready for these interviews and at the last minute the meetings were cancelled.

The plans I had made and the new work wardrobe I had purchased were for naught. At least for now. I know that I will get a good job soon, but it was something about doing it in January that psychologically meant a lot to me.

Starting the year off right with a new job and being able to make and save money for my longterm goals is key and I put a lot of stock in achieving this before the end of the first month of the year. But why? I know that I have a few more months of resources left so I’m fine for now, but it would look good on paper to have achieved this goal in January, it also would be nice to let friends and family know what I had done and if I’m being honest, posting my status on LinkedIn and Facebook to inform everyone of my new job was also something I had placed value in.

Yikes. The truth hurts. Wanting to complete this goal in a certain time frame had more to do with my ego than need. Well isn’t that something. Feeding the ego can lead to stress and being in this state is not conducive to success.

So this is when the real work begins. I will continue my job search (if any of you know of any social media or content marketing positions in publishing, please let me know!), work on writing my second novella, and live my best life while doing it and let all ego-centric stress and expectations go. It doesn’t help.

What revelations have you discovered so far about yourself or your goal setting process this year? Share your wisdom below!

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