12 Hours of Daylight is Now Available in Audiobook Format!

I’ll keep this short and sweet.

In 2017 I self-published 12 Hours of Daylight, a novella about a young single dad with an unconventional job and now you can listen to it as an audiobook on Audible!

I was pleased to have a short stint as a Special Projects Editor at Audible last year and during that time I was reminded how much I love the audiobook experience. One of my teammates suggested that I create another avenue for people to enjoy my novella by using ACX to create an audiobook and I was intrigued. It took me a few months to fully embrace the idea, but I’m glad I did. I shared the experience of the process on my Instagram page.

Interested to hear who I chose to narrate my story? Buy the book today. It’s a little under 3 hours long and I’m told it’s a hot listen with heart. I hope you enjoy it!

Did you listen? If so, what did you love about the story? What did you have questions about? If you’ve read it in print and also listened, did the audiobook version affect you differently? If so, how so?



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