Summer Sixteen: A Writer’s Edition

Some people have gone on some amazing vacations, gotten married or attended kick ass concerts and street festivals this summer.

Good. For. You.

If you sensed saltiness in that last sentence you’re very perceptive!

Yes, I’m hating on you. While I haven’t been trapped behind closed doors ALL summer, I have been heavily occupied with some major writing projects and not able to do a lot of the fun stuff that I’d like to be doing. Sacrificing now for what I want to enjoy later is in full effect!

One of the writing projects I talked about in a recent post is almost completed.

I’m currently in the editing stage and it’s intense. My editor, Elizabeth Nover is no joke. She has kept me hopping, but my novella (12 Hours of Daylight) is benefiting from her sharp eye and editing expertise. I can’t wait for you all to read this book. I’m shooting for an October or November launch and will keep you updated.

The other project I spent a lot of time on this summer is being officially announced next week and I will share a separate post at that time. So excited!

I know I jokingly complained about not doing much fun stuff this summer, but I was being dramatic.

I did enjoy spending some time with my sister and her family when she visited me here in New York from Detroit. I also have hung out with some of my closest friends and enjoyed their company along with some good food and laughter. Without those interactions, my writing definitely would have suffered. Writers need to LIVE in order to have things to write about! I also plan on traveling some during the holidays later this year.

For now, though, I am working to build up a body of work as a writer that I can share with you and I am enjoying the creative process. Hopefully, when I have more of my own work to rely on (can anyone say multiple revenue streams?) I’ll be able to enjoy more of my summers out on beaches and traveling. What a time that will be.

Knowing me, I’ll still have my trusty laptop in tow so if I get inspired, I can get right to it. A writer will always be a writer. 😉

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