Author Writes Book on Black Women’s Travel Adventures


I’m so proud of my friend Jennifer Poe!

She’s a great person and quite talented to boot. Among her many wonderful attributes, she’s a writer and loves to travel. Yes! A young lady after my own heart. We met in 2011 on Twitter after visiting each other’s blogs. Since then, we’ve been book buddies and BFF’s offline as well as on.

This beautiful bibliophile not only has a passion for writing YA fiction, but is also a travel expert, having jaunted across the country and around the world in the search for art, love and adventure. Sounds like a cool chick huh? That she is! Also cool is the fact that she has written a book, ¡Hola, Morocha! A Black Woman’s Adventures in Buenos Aires, book one in a four-part digital e-book series of travel memoirs about her experiences as a black woman in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Since she’s self-publishing, she needs our help getting this project out.

Her Kickstarter campaign is dope! It features fun visuals, interviews, travel inspiration and information about the book and why you should support the effort to get it published.

Of course I think this book will appeal to black women of all ages with a desire to travel internationally, but if you’re a lover of adventure and like learning about other cultures, this will be the book for you too. What I would love to see is more readers stepping out of their comfort zones when it comes to their reading habits. When we do this, we become better connected and in so doing, we can strive together to make this a more ideal world.

As a travel lover myself, I know I long for a book like Hola, Morocha! A Black Woman’s Adventures in Buenos Aires: Culture Shock and I’m sure there are scores of others who do too. If we push my girl’s Kickstarter campaign over the top, her dream will come true and so will ours!

So here’s what you can do. Visit her Kickstarter page and back her campaign. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Finally, share her Kickstarter page with your friends! Let’s support this wonderful writer and help her get the word out about traveling abroad!

You can also take a look at her Kickstarter video below! Thanks for your support. Happy Travels!


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