NaPoWriMo 1016 – Poem #1 – Nigeria


It has been a few years since I’ve participated in NaPoWriMo, where you attempt to write 30 poems in 30 days for the month of April, but I’m getting back into the game in 2016 and I’m starting it off with a poem entitled, Nigeria, because I’ve been thinking, dreaming and praying for them lately.

Nigeria, Nigeria, Nigeria

conscious people pray for you

 your bodies, souls, life force

 to ignore what you mean is

 barbarically inhumane

 the awakened hear

 the call of the world’s savior

 whose eye lens is most pure

 the apathetic will earn permanent naps

 for all who care not about the carnage

 and are more concerned with the hierarchy of grieving

 caring loudly in colors on social media walls

 for locations only ranked the highest on news outlets

 when the seed of life originated in your DNA

 when the bandwidth dies

 and electronic and digital devices are rendered useless

 all we have is a heartbeat

that sends signals to others

i send a light beam of love to you now

through the cadence of these lyrical lines







© 2016, TamekaMullins. All rights reserved.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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Comments (2 Responses)

  1. This was absolutely beautiful. You managed to convey so much emotion into a handful of words; some of your lines just -ache-.

    Good luck with the rest of NaPoWriMo!

    • TamekaMullins says:

      Thanks so much! I have missed the last few NaPoWriMo challenges, but I’m looking forward to this one. I will keep my eyes on what you’re doing. Happy Writing!

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