Fly Book Baby, Fly!


Hundreds of sleep deprived nights and countless moments that dissolved into restless day dreams have brought me here to this moment.

I can proudly say that my book, my MS, my literary baby has left the nest today. She is on her way into the hands (and hopefully the heart) of a publishing house editor who will grow to love and appreciate her as much as I and my agent Jennifer have. Yes, I started from Detroit and now I’m here.

I am a New Yorker now with a goal of being a published writer and I’m a step closer to realizing the dream.

After the initial agent rejections, edits, beta readers, tears and sweat, WE are here. No writer does it alone. You conceptualize and write the story, but your team holds you down when you’re ready to give up. Two years ago when I was at BEA , I was at that moment. My great friend and book buddy Jen P  told me, “Nope. Girl! You better not! Stay with it. You got this!” I heard her, but my spirit was so low that day. I may not have shown in that moment that I appreciated her for saying those words, but they played in my head like repetitive house music and fueled me with emotional and physical energy I had been drained of. Thanks girl! I didn’t give up!

So many other friends, family and colleagues also pushed me on with their encouragement and well wishes. I thank you all for reading my work when I had ZERO followers and for believing in my talent. I appreciate you more than words can express.

Now that my baby is soaring on her way to book bliss, I’m energized, hopeful, expectant, nervous and giddy. Please say a prayer or put some positive vibes in the air for me. I will keep you all posted on what happens!

I’m charged up. Let’s get it!

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  1. jencpoe says:

    So proud of you big sis!!!! Big things are ahead! You just wait and see!!!! Love you!

  2. So happy for you, Tameka! Good luck! ♥

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