My Results Are In!

HI have always wondered where my ancestors hailed from and that is not only because I was adopted. I just have a natural curiosity about people and their family trees and history. Unfortunately I don’t know a lot about my biological family, but having met and lost my mom (RIP!!!) and some other family members, I really felt the need to learn a little more.

So I recently sent off for the DNA kit and after I shared my saliva sample, I waited and waited. The results arrived today so with no further ado here is where I hail from y’all!




Upon seeing that I am 84% African, I felt a broad smile come over my face. Then when reading about the different regions (*NOT PICTURED: Senegal, Mali and Africa North – Iberian Peninsula, Great Britain, Ireland, Europe West) I began to think about visiting those places and experiencing the culture in person and I shall.

I know from looking at these results that my ancestors must have included slaves and honestly I felt connected to this piece of my history without knowing actual results. What is missing from the report is specific names, places, occupations and more personal information about any past family members.

There was a section that gave a list of matches based on the DNA and I was able to look at people who may be my third, fourth and distant cousins.

All in all this has been a really great experience. Knowing information about your family tree does make you feel more connected to this earth that we inhabit and it also sparks a need to know even more.

So I will use more of the resources and others to continue on with my quest to discover more information about those who are in my bloodline and what life experiences they had. I will share more info as I learn it!

Have you ever created a family tree? What did you learn? Share in the comments!

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  1. So glad you found this to be a blessing for you, Tameka. I haven’t tried this site, but will consider doing so in the future.
    Right now, after just losing my Dad, I’m simply content with being God’s child. I think, when we continue to look back or forward, that will be all that matters . . .
    Love and blessings, dear one!

  2. Adriene says:

    Congratulations on taking this step, Tameka! That’s awesome. So many people, myself included, have nowhere near that kind of detail.

  3. Hi Martha. Again let me wrap you up in love and healing over the loss of your dad. I am still dealing with an empty space in my heart and life over my mom being gone.
    I love history period, so this is something I’m enjoying from a personal and overall curiosity.
    Yes, we are all God’s children and that warms me most whenever I feel lost or alone. Hugs!

  4. Thanks Adriene! I really loved the process and look forward to using more tools to learn even more!

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