Why Ride Roller Coasters When Writing Gives You The Same Thrills? – (Novel Update!)

Some people think writers are crazy. Well, some of us are. Honestly, to sit and stare at a computer screen or blank sheet of paper hoping for magic when most times all that drips from the pen is madness can make one just a wee bit unstable.

Some of us walk around talking to ourselves and we blame it on our characters. “They are speaking to me,” we say. Yeah, right. We’re really asking ourselves out loud how in the world did we get ourselves into this? We remember the long nights at the dinner table with our parents when they implored us to re-think our career goals. They begged and pleaded with us to study medicine, law, health care or anything besides journalism or creative writing. When we stood our ground and said we were following our dreams instead, they looked at us with a smile, but on the inside they were scared out of their minds. All they could see in their future was a grown child, age 30, right back at home under their roof right at the time when they wanted to travel and enjoy their retirement. Bless their hearts for attempting to raise a starving artist.

The tangent I’m going on has been inspired by recent experiences in my life. As some of you know, I was attempting to delve into the world of self-publishing. My completed manuscript has been edited and ready to go for a while, but after contacting literary agents and editors and getting really close to snagging representation and most recently a book deal with a small publisher, my book still hasn’t seen the light of day, hence the decision to go the digital publishing route. My last NO came from the publishing company that originally discovered E L James, The Writers Coffee Shop, this after I had already begun the process of prepping for self-publishing. The whole process was thrilling and I have no regrets. I met the Aquisitions Editor for The Writers Coffee Shop at the Book Expo of America Conference in June and felt I had a good chance of joining their roster, but learned just last month that my work wasn’t selected.

I wrote about this in my last post, Book Blocks Or Prose Pauses?-My Path To Publication, and had decided to get back on the self-publishing horse starting in 2013. But just like a roller coaster ride, my publication journey has taken yet another turn. Earlier this year I was being considered by another small publisher and after they decided to pass, one of the publishers who really liked my writing graciously passed my name on to a literary agent and she contacted me and expressed interest in my novel. After reading a sample, she requested a full-read and now we are at the stage of discussing my work further!

She is suggesting additional editing before she will commit to signing me, but I’m super excited that I’m about to have my very first face-to-face meeting with a literary agent later this week!

I am so enjoying each step in my publishing process and I will keep you updated on what happens at the meeting and beyond! I encourage your good vibes and thoughts!

Have a wonderful week ahead! Keep writing!


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  1. Oh, Tameka, I am so thrilled for you!!! I knew this would happen and have every faith your novel will see the light of day, exactly where it needs to be!
    My journey to find publication was long and arduous, too, and I almost gave up hope. But, God convinced me to hang in there, and I chose to believe in His guidance and grace.
    Things don’t always happen when we think they should; everything is subject to His time and place. I can’t wait for your updates, dear one, and know I will be overjoyed to be one of your first readers/reviewers. Call on me for anything you need!
    Love and blessings to you, and God speed with this book!

  2. Bless your heart Martha! Thanks so much for your kind words. I so appreciate your support of my writing and publishing aspirations! I am learning a lot on my literary journey and I anticipate great things! Best wishes to you as well on the publication of your baby. I speak positivity over it and you! Happy Sunday! 🙂

  3. This is very exciting! Please keep us posted as things develop more. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!! 🙂

  4. Thanks Jessica! I will be updating the blog with info very soon!

  5. Congratulations Tameka,
    Good things happen to great people…and I am so thrilled for you.Hope all your dreams come true, Mamita.

  6. Thanks so much Sulekha! Every day is a blessing! I’m working hard to fulfill the dream. 🙂

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