Lyric Fire: Orange Blue Dust (A Poem)

time elapsed
measured moments
spinning beyond light
submerged in madness
presenting brightly
like sun drops
sweet like candy
tasting of aspartame
balled up tight
like wrinkled skin on areolas
the truth is locked away
buried beneath ambition
bridled by birthrights

the pain is deep
covering inches
of roadway
blended in like butter
in bechamel sauce

delicious deception
so convincing

we are also fooled

then one day
the blue sky

deepens to dark
colors crash
plummeting fast
destroying the structure
of life
we mourn for a while
sweep it away

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© 2012 – 2014, TamekaMullins. All rights reserved.

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Comments (18 Responses)

  1. Leah says:

    One must begin again—yet everything seems so important at the time. This was wonderful, carrying me away on a journey back to the dust. I love your words Tameka. Beautiful!!!

  2. That’s true Leah. So many beginnings we expect to last forever are only for a short time and then we must start over, from dust to dust. Thanks for your visit dear!

  3. Elramey says:

    Girl, this is one well-spun poem. Good imagery, apt metaphors, and powerful ending with sweeping away the dust. But every day is a new day, a new beginning. That’s what keeps us going. Keep the voice strong, keep spinning these words!

  4. Debra, if not for a new day what would we have? Thanks so much for your comments dear! I will definitely keep the words a’spinning! 🙂

  5. rimly says:

    I love your use of words “delicious deception”. Wow! It is always with awe I leave your poems, Tameka. You are so damn talented!

  6. Thanks so much Rimly! Poetry is my sanctuary!

  7. Becca says:

    well said! beautiful.

  8. Thanks Becca! 🙂

  9. The rhythm, the flow, the imagery, the beat.. I love the beat of this.. it’s snappy and intense and deep.. Very thought provoking as well! I may have to follow your blog now that I’ve seen what I’ve seen here!! It’s a pleasure to meet you Tameka! This was very beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog as well! happy blogging!!

  10. Andy says:

    Dear Tameka,
    You are truly gifted with words my friend. Personally, I know that nothing will last forever and I can accept reality very easily. I enjoyed your work my dear.

  11. Hi Crystal! I’m glad we met through the Blog Hop and you are welcome here any time. Your kind words are definitely appreciated! Cheers!

  12. Andy I had been missing your blog. I’ve been so busy trying to get acclimated to my new job and some other projects it took me away from reading. So I was pleased to to take part in your blog hop! Thanks for always creating opportunities for bloggers to connect and get to know one another. Cheers hon!

  13. Hi I am here from Andy’s blog hop!
    Beautiful poetry….very nicely penned!

  14. Suzy says:

    Nice imagery. The poem grows on you the more you read it. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  15. Hi Privy! Thanks so much for your visit and comment! Let’s stay connected! 🙂

  16. Suzy I’m happy that you liked my poem. Thank you very much!

  17. Loved the vivid imagery….bridled by fav line

  18. Thanks so much Nilanjana Bose! I appreciate your visit and comment. 🙂

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