Lyric Fire: Creative Collaborations! (What I’ve Been Up To!)

3peatPortrait“You are what you eat,” is a popular saying that expresses the belief that the foods you consume will   determine how your body looks and functions. But what about what you take into your mind, heart and soul as an artist?

Well, lately I have been exploring my creativity in different ways and I seem to be attracting even more possibilities and opportunities. First off, some of you may know this, but I have decided to forgo the traditional publishing route and release my novel Letters to Chyna as an e-book later this year! Not long after I made the decision (I hadn’t told anyone), I received a request from my college friend and sister in writing, Monice Mitchell Simms to join her “Artistpreneur Community,” a wonderfully diverse and talented group of writers, life coaches, radio personalites, bloggers and other artists from many varied backgrounds! I was thrilled and honored!

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These artists will contribute informative pieces to her online magazine which is like a Bible for writers and artists. Just last year Monice published her own novel, Address: House of Corrections and charted her journey to help others going down the same path: Monice’s journey to publication. My post,My Date With Digital was featured on the  Monice Magazine: For Make Believers recently and the reception was incredible! There are a lot of writers out there who are looking for alternative ways to get their work out into the marketplace and my story was one a lot of them could relate to. Thanks to all of my readers who visited Monice’s blog site! Twitter: @monicemitchell

A lot of you know that I am a social media beast! I love connecting with other artists and sharing my work through this medium. Due in part to my social networking, I have had the pleasure of meeting kindred poetic spirit Jaded Muse, and he recently asked me to write a Spring Renga, with him. A Spring Renga is a Japanese collaborative poetry piece consisting of seasonal, non-seasonal and themed haiku verses. I am having a blast so far with this and we plan to publish it when it’s completed so stay tuned. I’ll definitely keep you posted! Twitter: @JadedMuse


Another creative community I’m honored to be a part of is BlogNostics, which is what I’d like to call a “Literary Lounge.” It’s a welcoming and artistic environment where you can showcase your talents or just relax and enjoy the art of others. The powers that be at BlogNostics support and promote their writers in a myriad of ways. If you submit a particular amount of writing or art, you get your own special room that could be akin to an art gallery or electronic library! I was stoked to get my own Haiku Room and plan on adding works routinely so keep checking in! They also create wonderful spoken word videos and I’m looking foward to seeing one that I recently submitted be posted. You will definitely get to know me in a more “initimate” way when you see and hear it! Twitter: @Blognostics 


The artistic angels surely are shining on me it seems because just this week I was asked to submit a short story or work of poetry for an upcoming book that will be published under the Social Potpourri banner! Sulekha Rawat is one of the most talented writers I know so to get this request was a special honor! Her new website Social Potpourri, which she started with fellow awesome blogger and writer Kriti Mukherjee , seeks to bring creative people of all backgrounds and nationalities together so they can grow and learn from one another. I will keep everyone abreast of the publication date for the book. Cheers Sulekha and Kriti! Twitter: @socialpotpourri @sulekkha @kritimukherjee


Last year I submitted a work to be considered for inclusion in The Women of Color Writers’ Workshop & CommunityBOUNDARIES & BORDERS A Women of Color GLOBAL ANTHOLOGY and I’m told that selected writers will be notified soon! Think a good thought for me readers! Twitter: @WOCWriters

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To round out the collaborative efforts for now, I will be participating in Dress For Impressions, a fun look at lady bloggers and what they love to wear while blogging. My birthday twin in life and all things creative, the fabulously fashionable Lesley Ware, created this feature on her blog The Creative Cookie, to pay homage to creative female bloggers who love fashion. To be transparent, I am not that fashionable, but I am creative, so one out of two aint bad! Twitter: @CreativeCookie

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As writers and bloggers sometimes we go it alone when coming up with and executing ideas, but it is truly amazing to be able to come together in the name of poetry, literary pursuits and art in general.

Happy Friday! Remember to always leave room in your art for a little collaboration!

CREATIVE QUESTION: What famous person would you like to collaborate with?

MY DREAM COLLABORATION: My collaborative partner would definitely be Prince. I would love to write a book consisting of 10 poems and have him set them to music. When he’d go on tour to promote the CD, I would be on book tour! We’d meet at the end and he’d call me onstage to jam to one of my own songs! I dream big yall! – My Twitter handle: @Tamstarz

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Comments (30 Responses)

  1. Congrats to you Tameka. All doors open when the time is right and your time is obviously right.

  2. Wow, Tameka! You are one talented and involved writer. Thanks for sharing this, especially your decision to go with e-books. I, too, plan to self-publish by the fall.
    Blessings to you and all your endeavors! 🙂

  3. Thanks so much Jenni. The door is cracked! LOL! I’m working to kick it all the way open though! Blessings to you!

  4. Leah says:

    Tameka, I am sooo excited for you!! I can’t wait to purchase your book!! And look at the buzz you’ve created with your talent and gorgeous heart! You are a breath of fresh air. The world is waiting for Tameka’s gifts!
    If you need any help with the e-book let me know. I’m new to everything but I figure 6 months down the road I’ll be an old pro. LOL!! Not literally;)

  5. Thanks so much Martha! I really appreciated your support over on the Monice Magazine. You guys showed up and showed out. You made me look good! 🙂
    Congrats again to you for pushing forward on publishing your book as well! Ya-hoo! We may need to form a digital publishing support group! Hugs, love and lots of light!

  6. Leah! My sister in signs and writing! Thanks so much! I will definitely be pulling on your coattails for advice and support. I’m trying to hold off until you get settled though. I am so rooting for you dear! Hugs!

  7. Andy says:

    WoW! You sure are one busy, busy lady. I just have one question…when do you get the time to sleep? (LOL)
    I’m very happy that all these windows of opportunity have opened for you…couldn’t have happened to a nicer person…& I sincerely mean that. Publishing in general scares me. I’ve been in the waiting room for far too long & need to take a leaf out of your book (no pun intended) & that of so many among us & try to self-publish.
    Wishing you the very best & much success. You sure are an inspiration!
    P.S. Can I get your autograph? (smile)

  8. Savira says:

    Congratulations Tameka… what a wonderful and inspirational journey through words you have begun. I wish you the very best..

  9. sulekha says:

    Tameka, You are an angel. Congratulations on your success and many more to come. You are all heart, and generous in your praise of others, a rare gift in today’s materialistic world. I am so glad you agreed to write for us and strengthen our bond of friendship. I am your greatest fan and am looking forward to all your new ventures. Best of luck…

  10. Alejandro says:

    Well done Tameka, you are one busy Lady..
    We are so appreciative of your contributions and yes your spoken word will be up soon.

  11. kriti says:

    So glad to be a part of your journey! We promise to make it as beautiful as we can!

  12. Adriene says:

    Congratulations, Tameka! All of these ventures sound exciting and I look forward to seeing them all. Keep following your dream, you are an inspiration.

  13. Bongo says:

    Congratulations lovely lady…..I wish you best in everything…you’re an AWESOME writer and person..I am honored to know you…As always….XOXOXOXOXO

  14. Andy, you are a sweetheart! Thank you! I think we all are running on fumes most of the time with all that we do. Of course you can have my autograph, but I would prefer a warm smile and a shared poetic sentiment. Cheers and Happy Weekend!

  15. Savira, I thank you sincerely! I’m blessed by your kind words!

  16. Sulekha, oh my! Thanks a million! I am super honored and touched by your words and request for my story for your book! I hope I do you proud. Congrats are in order for you too my talented friend. On your website and your publishing feat! I do hope to meet and hug you in the future. Blessings to you!

  17. Pssst! Want to hear a secret? Alejandro is really the angel! Thanks so much dear writer friend for all you do for other bloggers and artists on BlogNostics. You guys rock and roll like no others! Cheers!

  18. Kriti! Please pardon my error for not initially including you in the piece! It has been rectified. Thanks so much for including me in your project and congrats on your creative ventures and efforts to bolster other writers. I know your book will be a success and I am honored to be a part of it! Cheers and lots of light!

  19. Sweepy! Thank you girl! I appreciate that coming from such an enterprising writer and blogger as you! You inspire me! Cheers!

  20. Bongo! Thanks so much dear lady. I so appreciate you!

  21. Hi, Tameka! ~
    Thanks for the update! Love seeing what you’re up to! I’m especially looking forward to seeing your video — so I can catch another ‘angle’ on you!
    The famous person I’d like to collaborate with would probably be Oprah Winfrey because I want to learn everything I can from her about the BUSINESS of creative expression. In other words, I admire her ability to make money doing what she loves.
    I am looking forward to collaborating with YOU on a portrait shoot, at some point, too ;-x

  22. Thanks so much Linda! Great choices for collaborations. I would love to tag along on the Oprah meeting though. I’m sure she has a lot to teach. I have admired her for a long time.
    I hope people like the spoken word. I’m not on cam but my voice is prominent in words and sound. Can’t wait to collaborate with you! Cheers!

  23. You are on the move these days girl! And it looks like your pen is always burning that page! So much collaboration going on, that’s the way to do it. Keeping good company and moving along like a pro.
    Me? I’d like to collaborate with Maya Angelou since I once spoke with her at a writers’ conference and I admire her spirit. Adore her heart.
    May every good door be opened to you!

  24. Debra! Thanks so much! Wow, it must have been amazing to meet and speak with Maya Angelou. She is one of our greatest poetic and literary treasures. Your comments were well received and taken to heart. Cheers and best wishes on all of your projects as well!

  25. rimly says:

    Tameka you are one talented writer and every group will be proud to have you contribute. Congratulation dear friend. I look forward to more of your writing.

  26. Thanks so much Rimly! You’re a gem!

  27. Rachel Hoyt says:

    Wow. You are really involved at a lot of online groups! I’m impressed. I wish many blessings upon your e-publishing endeavors. 🙂

  28. I’m doing my best to cover the literary bases Rachel! Thanks so much!

  29. Wow Tameka, I’m really very proud of you bella :* Congratulations!
    I pray for all your dreams to come true 🙂

  30. Thanks Melissa! I pray for the same things for you too!

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