Lyric Fire: Turkey Ice Cream???

Sorry! There is no such thing as turkey ice cream! Ha! But I got your attention didn’t I? I think November may be the month that we eat and drink the most. Everywhere we go we are bombarded with pictures of food or people are talking about what they are going to cook. Even as you walk into your apartment buildings or homes you can smell the wonderful aromas wafting beneath the door frames. Turkey is being basted, hams are being glazed, pie crusts are taking shape and vegetables that will go in salads, dressings and soups are being chopped and prepared.

It sure is a wonderful time of year. We are blessed to be able to take some time to stop and think about what we are thankful for in our lives and also be with friends and family that we have been too busy to see. This is the reality for a lot of people at this time, but let’s not forget others who may not have a grand meal or people to spent time with on Thanksgiving Day. As you say grace before you eat your meal later this week, say a prayer for someone who may not be as fortunate. Trust me, your prayers will travel and reach them where they live and they will be blessed!

I wish each of my readers a glorious holiday filled with love, warmth and delicious, filling food! If anyone finds some turkey ice cream, please let us know how it tastes!

Happy Thanksgiving from Tamstarz!

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  1. jerly says:

    I pray along with you for all deprived kids

  2. What a wonderful thing to do Jerly!

  3. A wonderful post about sharing our riches and saying a prayer for someone and it reaching them for sure. I am on the look out for a turkey ice cream 🙂

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you Dear have made me hungry early in the morning.

  5. jan says:

    Lovely thoughts. My prayers will be sent. <3<3<3

  6. You had me at the word Turkey. Mmmm. I will be prepping and cooking and crock potting (not to be confused with crack pot) it up on Thanksgiving day. I do all the cooking, I’ll be tired and grouchy and starve myself all day long until dinnertime. Then I will eat until I almost pop and fall asleep and wake up and have at it again. Because that is what Thanksgiving is all about. LOL I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. xoxo

  7. melissa says:

    Wouldn’t it be more fun if we share those blessings with others ~ invite that poor kid 😉 (*Think twice good samaritan as Debra wrote)
    Oooo… I wonder if someone could ever create a turkey ice cream lol…;)

  8. Janaki Nagaraj says:

    A wonderful way to say thanks…:-)

  9. blognostics says:

    Thanks for you! Now where is my ice-cream?

  10. I will keep you posted on the turkey ice cream Sulekha!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Alpana! Enjoy!

  12. Wow, Jenni it sounds like you are making a feast. I will be sending you my address so you can ship me a plate! Sharing is caring! Happy Holidays!

  13. Melissa, that is so true. I don’t have much to give this year, but I can say a prayer. I hope others that have in surplus will give when they can. We are all connected and need to help each other. Oh, I did some research and found that they make turkey ice cream in Seoul!

  14. Thanks Janaki! Blessings to you!

  15. Hi Alejandro! If you visit NY we will go have some ice cream! Cheers!

  16. rimly says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Tameka. I wish there would lesser and lesser unfortunate people in this world.

  17. Thanks dear! Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I wish for the same…

  18. Adriene says:

    Lovely sentiments. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! <3

  19. Thanks Sweepy. I hope you had a blessed holiday.

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