Lyric Fire: Opals for October

Can you believe we are just three months away from the start of a new year? Before we start focusing on New Year’s celebrations and such let’s just get through October okay? I love this time of year because if we’re lucky we can still squeeze in a few more warm days before it starts to get chilly. Today in New York it was quite pleasant at 75 degrees. As I savored the sun, I thought to myself that I better enjoy it while it lasted.

I also thought about whether or not I had accomplished all I wanted to for the year and the answer was a resounding NO! Whenever I ask myself that question no matter what I have achieved the answer will always be no because as a driven person I am never satisfied. Is that a positive thing? In some ways I guess it can be. It means that I will never rest on my laurels and think that I have it all figured out. I will always be trying to get better and will work tirelessly to make my dreams come true. But with that kind of pressure when things don’t work out as planned a person can become very hard on themselves and overlook the good things they have produced.

When I think about this notion it reminds me of the beautiful opal. It is a semi-transparent gemstone that allows small points of striking colors to seep out. In it’s raw and most common state the opal is a milky white color which doesn’t diffract much light or color making it pretty plain in comparison to its more flashier colorful cousins. Does it cease to be an opal in this state just because it may not shine as bright? Of course not! A gem is a gem!

At the start of a year we have scores of things we may want to achieve and as the months tick away if these things are not done we may feel like we have failed. But who you are at the core of your being (a blinged out, fabulous, bright and shining opal!) doesn’t change just because some things on your to-do or goal lists didn’t get done. We have the rest of our lives to achieve the things we want! Don’t let “society’s timetable” chart your course. You are in charge of your own speed boat. You can navigate it anyway you want to!

It’s nice to map out things we want to complete and even better to accomplish them, but life is not meant to lived at the speed of sound. Sometimes we are that common opal with little to no color and at other times we are like the bolder opals in the above photo brimming with all the colors of the universe. Focus on the things you have achieved. Know that when the time is right if you continue to work hard and with belief and passion your goals will be completed. Along the way you might even change direction and decide that some goals are no longer as important and you will focus on a new plan of action that will bring you even more happiness and success.


Here are three tips to help you get through the month of October without obsessing over things you can’t change!

Own Your Opulence! – At times when we feel our lowest someone is looking at us and wishing they had what we have! How many times have you gone outside thinking your clothes or your hair looked horrible just to be met with the most flattering compliments? Why does this happen? Because you are an OPAL! Even in a pair of dingy jeans and with your hair a crazy mess someone can see your beauty, your brilliance and your worth. Why can’t you?

Obviate Your Obstacles! – You have been looking for a job for 10 months with no success. Your bills are piling up higher than the price of gas and your boyfriend dumped you for the waitress at Hooters. Okay, this sounds awful, but you can overcome this! You aren’t the only one going through hard times and let’s be honest you should have dumped that loser months ago! So now what? Take a deep breath and take a look around. Are you still standing? Give yourself a pat on the back if you are not lying somewhere in a fetal position and rocking back and forth! As long as you can put one foot before the other, you’re going somewhere! Each day remind yourself of three things you’ve done well for the year. Think about all you had to get through to accomplish those things. The same strength you possessed to get you over those humps is still within you. Dig deep and keep pressing on. You will win!

Optimize Your Optimism! – Being optimistic during hard times may feel like you’re being phony but you’re not. Someone, somewhere has it worse than you so you have loads to be thankful for and lots to smile about! A wise man (whom I saw on a talk show years ago) once said that when faced with health problems and lack of wages: “I have a lot to think about, but nothing to worry about.” When asked how he could rationalize it that way, he said, “I have choices and I choose to NOT worry. It’s just that simple. Through positive thought I can achieve anything. Nothing is ever achieved through worrying.” Well there you go. Easier said than done, but try doing this one time and then again. It will become easier each time and you will have more to smile about with less worry!

As the days of this month dissolve into the next, be thankful for all you have and lend a positive thought to the plight of someone else. Enjoy whatever the day holds whether it be a smile from a stranger or you enjoying one of your favorite TV programs. Call your friends and invite them out for a night of fun. Embrace the goodness in your life and more will be in store.

CHALLENGE! – Think of one great thing you did this year and say out loud:

I am so blessed and thankful for achieving _______________________________!

Mine is: I am so blessed and thankful I completed a second straight year of blogging! Whoo – hoo! Go ME! Happy 2nd Birthday Lyric Fire! (Saying it out loud makes it real! Being thankful for something will allow new goals to be manifested!) – Happy October!

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  1. Adriene says:

    For me, as the season changes and the sun is not in abundance, it can be hard to remain upbeat. But this post helps! Thanks for being an inspirational and positive force!

  2. KalpanaS says:

    O! O! my O!O! …like the song goes….
    Opulent, Obviate, Optimise! You have made October even more golden with your glowing post!
    Blessed be!

  3. I’m glad Sweepy! As I write, I learn. I will have to harken back to my own words in order to keep striving. My motto is: It is never easy, but it is always possible!

  4. Blessed be to you too Kalpana! We need all the optimism we can muster for these times and must support one another. Have a wonderful week ahead!

  5. Ravenmyth says:

    I agree Tameka, we can become our own worst critics…especially when we are driven..and yes we do not always see what we have accomplished. Like the milky white opal, sometimes true beauty is the most understated…hidden in plain site.
    I have never been a goal oriented person..I have felt it sets you up for disappointment in the outcome. I tend to flow in the now…it works for me because sometimes things have to come into play before I can reach the next level of whatever I am trying to accomplish…if I follow it on a list, I may miss the steps…so I just plod along in the moment…and voila…I get there.I agree with you…an opal is an opal…sometimes we are milky and other times we are vibrant…but we are still the opal. The most consistant thing about the human condition is it’s inconsistancy…yet we try to harness it.
    Love your inspiration of Own your Opulance, Obviate your Obstacles and Optimize your Optimism…
    One great thing I achieved…I build my blog in April of this year and I am astounded at the results…what an empowering experience..who knew what the outcome would be one post at a time…and being embraced by so many. Wow!
    And, big congrats and Happy 2nd Birthday…Girls Power Rules! Loved this post…

  6. Andy says:

    We can’t expect life to always be a bed of roses…there’ll be some thorns & weeds along the way. The onus is on us to stop, reflect, make adjustments and keep moving forward no matter how many stumbling blocks we have to cross.
    Autumn is my favorite time of year. It’s not too hot or too cold & there’s something about all those colors of reds, golds & oranges. The foliage photo is lovely.
    Thanks for spreading such a positive message too. Wishing you much success today, tomorrow & always.
    Woman As My Friend And Lover

  7. Alejandro says:

    wise words indeed Tameka. oh boy, you should see my hair now! lol

  8. PORTIA says:

    as beautiful as the current autumn!

  9. Raven, I love when you visit my blog because I always feel you’ve truly “heard me!” I liked what you said about goal-setting. That is a really different way of approaching it and I can see the benefits. Taking notes on that! Thanks for the kudos and congrats are in order for you too. It feels like your blog has been around for ages! So glad you’ve graced us with your wisdom!
    Andy, thanks so much for your kind words! I wish the same for you!
    Ha! Ha! Alejandro! So guys have bad hair days too??? I’m sure you look marvelous! 😉
    Portia! Thanks so much dear!

  10. Mari says:

    I love this post. Obsessing over things I can’t change. I’m turning 65 this month. Still young but looking at the far/other side of life. Your thoughts change, your hopes change, and believe me, your body changes. #1 is always – have I accomplished all I came to this life to do? If not, do I still have time, money and the energy to get it all done. Your post really helped me focus. Thank you.

  11. Mari, your response really touched me. I’m glad my words were helpful to you. From what I can see you have accomplished a great deal and I’m sure whatever is to come in your life will be amazing. Blessings!

  12. Tameka,
    There is nothing like the change of seasons in the City…
    I am so blessed and thankful for achieving A dreamed reached with BlogNostics 🙂

  13. Happy 2nd Birthday, Lyric Fire!
    Thanks for the SUPER pep talk — I’m ready to take on the world!

  14. Thanks Jessica and Linda! I appreciate your presence here! Congrats on BlogNostics and best blessings to the both of you!

  15. i literally hate October…..but suddnly u ve made it so intrstin….so many o’s to fit in this month….intrstin write….n btw congo on the 2nd bday….:)

  16. Thanks so much Vaisakhi!

  17. Congratulations Tameka bella :* You deserve all the best things in life 🙂
    I am so blessed and thankful for these achievements:
    ~ going through this big transition of my life without becoming depressed;
    ~ collaborating with Roy on his Christmas book. I never ever imagine that I would be involved in something like this;
    ~ sticking it out in my pressure filled job for a year now
    Own Your Own Opulence – It’s amazing how some people could see the beauty within even life seems obscure at times… I am grateful to those who reminded me how beautiful I am and worthy of love
    Obviate Your Obstacles – I call them saint makers :P…crisis are filled with grace
    Optimize Your Optimism – it’s a decision I make everyday…I just think of all the blessings I receive each day and I become very grateful that I am alive.
    I missed this month with you but I’m sure you’re shining just as bright as Opal.

  18. Melissa, it’s a thrill to have you taking in my last few posts. I didn’t know you had missed so much. Your comments are making me go back and re-read what I wrote. Congrats on all of your achievements! You deserve to be happy!

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