Lyric Fire: Look At My Fabulous Life! (Episode 9 – What Goes Up… Must Come Down!)

In this week’s episode of Look At My Fabulous Life, Vanessa Stone gets a wonderful surprise about her music career while Demarrco and Mia get caught in a dangerous situation. – Don’t miss the season finale next week! It will leave you breathless! –  If you haven’t read the series from the beginning, don’t fret! Click here Look At My Fabulous Life! to catch up on all the drama, music, sex and behind the scenes happenings! Scroll down after clicking the link to start with Episode 1 – The Wellingtons and then work your way up! – Only ONE episode until next season! 


It’s been three weeks since the meeting with the record company and I can’t keep my head on straight!

Girl, don’t worry! I know you got this!

I’m glad you know it because quite frankly I don’t! What the hell is taking them so long? It’s not like I’m a new artist. It doesn’t take that much time for them to know if I have some hits on my hands. Girl, I need them to sign me. This is my last chance!

It is not your last chance! As long as you have that golden voice anything is possible.

I just don’t know Stacy! I mean what if they don’t like the songs?

You said you got good feedback when you met with the label head right?

Yes, but sometimes they are on some bull-shit! You know how it goes. They tell you what you want to hear and then find out later that they hated everything. I can’t take this shit! I’m calling Demarrco to see if he’s heard anything.

Hmmm, are you sure that’s the only reason why you want to call him?

Yes! We had a little fun, but now he’s trying to get back with that young thing he was seeing. I actually told him to.

You what? Why the hell would you do something crazy like that? Demarrco is fine as hell and has major connects. Are you trying to fuck things up for yourself?

Yes, he is a good looking man, but he wasn’t the first one I snagged and he won’t be the last. He was still hung up on that girl, and you know I refuse to come in second. I chalked it up to some good sex and some banging tracks. I think I got everything out of the situation I was supposed to. If these record company folks act right, it could have been the most beneficial sex of my life!

Alright mama! If you say so. I still think you should have hung on to him for a little longer. Men that fine don’t grow on trees!

Oh geez girl! Get over it and stop living vicariously through me!

I can’t help it girl! You know you’re my idol!

Mmmph, if I don’t get this deal I might just have to sign up for American Idol next year to get some play.

Chile, you are way too old to be trying to get on American Idol. You better do like Javier Colon and try your luck on The Voice. Shoot, that fine ass Adam Levine can get it any day of the week!

Girl, after all of this music madness is settled we need to go out. I can see your grass hasn’t been watered in a while!

You know that’s right. I need a major sprinkler system to soak this grass!

You are too much girl! Just what I needed to take some of this stress off. I’m going to the study to call Demarrco. Get the shot glasses out because if he gives me some bad news we need to get started early before we head out. I swear I’m getting too old for this game. I can’t take this!

Okay, girl. I got you. Good luck!



How is it that you’re already on the line?

I was just dialing your number.

I guess we are in synch today.

Guess so. I have some news for you beautiful. You sitting down?

Hell no! Just give it to me straight. I don’t have time for that Hollywood shit!

Ha! I heard that! Well, sitting or standing, this is some news that’s going to make your day. You got it mama. You are now back on the roster of Majestic Records!

Boy, don’t play with me! You got my blood pressure rising over here!

Vanessa you know good and well I don’t play when it comes to business and music. You are back in the game baby! How do you feel?


Yes, I’m still here. I just had to catch my breath. So you aren’t fucking with me?

No! Never that ma. Just like they said they loved all the tracks and especially Finally Feeling Me. They want to drop that as your first single and get this? After they release this new joint, they want to follow it with a greatest hits collection and also do some updated videos to promote it. Now how do you feel?

Like dancing!

I thought this would make you happy. I’m taking care of the paperwork and will get with Maurice next week to make sure all the legalities are in place. I guess we have a business date coming up huh?

Demarrco, honey you have no idea what you have done for me. I love you for this!

You love me?

Not like that! But, if your little friend hadn’t been in the picture, maybe it could have been like that.

Well, speak of the angel. She’s ringing my bell.

Oh really?

Yes, after I left a million messages on her phone she finally agreed to see me.

Well, I guess we both have a reason to celebrate.

Yes, we do. Vanessa, you deserve this. I’m so happy we connected. In every way. You’re a special lady and I will never forget our time. Do you hear me?

Yes sir! I hear you. Go and attend to your lady. I have company and we’re going out! You have made my day!

I’m glad. See you next week.

Okay, bye.



Put them shot glasses down! We are about to go get NICE! I got the deal!

Girl, I told you!

Now it’s time to go get some fertilizer for both of our lawns!


HOLLYWOOD HILLS – DEMARRCO’S MANSION                                                                                                                  6a00e55291ee848833013481e30d43970c-800wi

What took you so long to come to the door Demarrco? Remember, you asked me to come here. I don’t like to be kept waiting!

Come on in Mia. I apologize. I was on the phone with one of my artists. We got a deal and I was breaking the news to her.

Her? Not that Vanessa chick?

Yes, that Vanessa chick.

She is way too old to be trying to get back in the music business isn’t she?

No, she isn’t. Her voice is still pure and she looks as good or better than some of the acts out now.

Does she?

I don’t want to talk about Vanessa.

You sure?

Yes, why would you ask that?

Because people I know have seen you with her a lot. I don’t want to play games.

Mia, I told you I made a mistake when I broke things off. I thought you may have been too young for me. It seemed like your parents have a lot of influence on you. But I missed you. I want to see if we can make things work.

Not if you’re gonna be spending so much time with all these R&B chicks. I don’t have time for that!

Mia, I am a music producer. I make my living from being around R&B chicks. You know that.

Well, you had a problem with me and my issues with my parents and I have an issue with you and these other women!

They are not other women! This is my job!

So, did you sleep with her?

Sleep with who?

VANESSA STONE! She is the one we are talking about!


Answer me!

Mia I…

WHAT THE FUCK! What are you doing in my house? How did you get past my security?

Tell him Mia.

Demarrco, I’m sorry!

Mia? What the hell is going on?

I don’t know! They told me if I didn’t bring them here they would kill my parents! I’m sorry!

Get over there with your boyfriend and shut up!

Stop looking at me and tie them both up! Gag him!

No, don’t hurt him! Why are you doing this to me? Who are you?

Ask your mother Mia. She knows why. In a few hours you will find out if she values your life.

But why get Demarrco involved? He has nothing to do with this!

I told your mother that if she fucked with me I would destroy everything in her world and you are the centerpiece of that existence. If I don’t get what I want no one connected to your mother will be happy. Got it?

But I don’t understand!

You will, you will…


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  1. jan says:

    oh and it continues…..

  2. Andy says:

    Another enjoyable read from you Tameka.
    Nice flow. Your dialogues is great, scene setting is awesome & you kept my attention all the way through. I can’t wait for next week’s firecracker finale!
    Very nicely done!
    Thanks for sharing.
    My latest post:

  3. Tameka,
    Demarrco is one mean son of a bitch poor Mia…

  4. rimly says:

    Loved it again. I have been following this series. Dont know if I missed any Tameka but keep them coming. Looking for ward to your next

  5. Great! Love ur writings!

  6. Hi Jan! Yes, it does! Thanks for continuing the journey with me!

  7. Andy you are a dear! Thanks for your kind words! See you next week!

  8. Wow! I love that I got an emotional reaction out of you Jess! Why do you think Demarrco is mean? He cares for Mia. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Rimly! Thank you! If you missed anything just follow the link in the post’s intro. There is time to get caught up before next week’s finale! Cheers!

  10. Manisha it’s always nice to see you here. Hope you enjoy the finale next week!

  11. Jim says:

    Sorry it took me awhile but I was slowed down by one of life’s little road bumps. I have really enjoyed this series fun reading with great characters.
    YOu should think about an ebook!!!

  12. Thanks so much Jim! I know all too well about life’s road bumps. I recently ran into one and need to catch up on my reading as well. I hope whatever had you stumped has been dealt with. I miss you and will be by your blog soon!
    I will do a poll at the end of season one to see if people want an e-book or other options. Hugs!

  13. Ooo too much is happening here, I have to slow down to read again…my emotions are stirred lol…geez.

  14. Tee-hee! Glad it’s got you invested Melissa! 🙂

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