Lyric Fire: Life’s Query

Sunday’s are usually the days I use to reflect, but this whole week has pulled me deep within and I’m left wondering why certain thoughts have bubbled up to the surface.

I’m not in a narrative type of mood today so instead I will list a few specific and general life questions that are resonating with me. Some of them might even be on your query list. I’m not posting these to get answers, but to cultivate a discussion about the thoughts that can keep us awake at night.

  1. Why do the people you have no connection to (or want to) contact you the most and the one’s you so want to be closer to ignore you?
  2. When did it become okay to be so rude?
  3. Why do hiring managers call you in for interviews when it is clear that they haven’t even read your cover letter or resume in full? Did only one word or phrase make them think you could do the job?
  4. Why do people leave their trash in the chute for others to dispose of? It only takes a minute to push the refuse through the hole. Having to empty garbage that doesn’t belong to you is annoying and unsanitary.
  5. Why do people always want you to jump when they have something to promote but never show up to support your work or things that mean the most to you?
  6. Why do people who have treated you like trash expect you to treasure them the most?
  7. What are some rich people so afraid of?
  8. Why do some poor people think they are entitled to money they haven’t earned?
  9. Why can’t Washington change its outdated political structure and stop pointing fingers? They have the power to do anything they want.
  10. How is it that something as small as a bed bug can cause so much psychological damage to one’s psyche?
  11. Why do some men always say something stupid just after making you smile? So counterproductive!
  12. Why are we so fascinated with baby bumps?
  13. Who in the hell termed the phrase baby bump anyway?
  14. Why are we such followers?
  15. Why all of a sudden is everyone posting and sending the same pictures and quotes on social sites?
  16. Have we turned into sheep?
  17. Why would an adult post photos and videos of teens engaging in sexual activity on social sites and think it’s funny? Don’t they know they are distributing child pornography?
  18. Why do friendships fade?
  19. Why can’t people be more honest with one another?
  20. Do you really think I’ve forgotten what you said you were going to do?
  21. Do you not think I’m affected by the fact that you didn’t keep your word?
  22. Am I supposed to smile in your face forever knowing that you don’t truly value me?
  23. Do you even know that you don’t value me?
  24. Would you care if you did?
  25. How is it possible that we can carry around so much pain with ease and are so uncomfortable with being filled with joy?
  26. Why do we apologize for feeling sad?
  27. Are we not human?
  28. Are we supopsed to smile all of the time?
  29. Wouldn’t our jaw muscles cramp up?
  30. Why can’t men just come out and say that they only want to have sex instead of going through the motions of pretending to care who you are?
  31. Why are some women so insecure?
  32. Is there a life book that states that a woman has to have children and be married by a certain age?
  33. If so, where is it?
  34. Who wrote it?
  35. Is it legally binding?
  36. Why do we ask why?
  37. Why not?
  38. If you know you hurt me on purpose, why can’t you just be an adult and apologize instead of pretending it never happened. I’m supposed to be the fiction writer and actress, not you. Be for real!
  39. Why do I feel just a little better now after typing all of this?
  40. Do we ask God for the answers when we come up short? Should this question have been the first?

Please feel free to share your own questions in the comment section or discuss any of the ones I’ve posed. Only a few of them have to do directly with me. The others are just notions that popped into my head.

Happy Friday!

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Comments (15 Responses)

  1. Eigroj Stain says:

    l like the song.. it was nice listening to it…

  2. I’m glad it brought you some joy and peace Eigroj… Blessings.

  3. Bongo says:

    why is there fear and why does it win most of the time?????? As always,,,XOXOXOXOXOXO

  4. Bec Owen says:

    I love reading posts like this one…getting to know the author a little more…
    We all seem to have lots of questions about life, don’t we? I’ve kept myself awake at night trying to work out the answers, too, but now I’m learning to not worry too much about the answers to my own questions…I don’t think the answers really matter, but I’m having a fun ride along the way, and I really like where I am right now.
    Thanks Tameka 🙂

  5. sulekha says:

    Tameka, Those are some very honest questions…why do people hurt others and especially those who care so much for them? Your post got me thinking and smiling at the same time. Those who are answerable must be squirming in their seats.

  6. This is great feedback guys. I appreciate your responses. I think fear can be a warning we need sometimes and it can also push us to act when we need to. It also can paralyze us if we aren’t careful. I like looking at fear as an alarm. Usually when we feel it we are needing to be aware of something. The key then is what to do after the awareness. I’m still figuring that one out!
    I’m also learning too Becky that being able enough and brave enough to ask questions can be a victory even without the answers. Sometimes the answers we seek show up later in our lives or in the lives of others for us to see. Thanks for visiting!

  7. Sulekha, I so wish I knew why people hurt others. But I guess we all do it from time to time even when we don’t want to. I know I have hurt others and even if it was unintentional, it was hurt nonetheless. We all have to own what we do and try to become better.

  8. You rock Tameka…I love this one…Giving people something to think about.This reminds me of the retreats we had in school where the priest asked to ask questions about ourselves and answer them..We used to burn up all the negative answers…EXCELLENT!!!

  9. Adriene says:

    Does any of it matter? I hope the answer is yes. Love this post, Tameka!

  10. It’s all relative! Thanks Sweepy!

  11. That sounds like a wonderful exercise Alpana! Thanks for the visit!

  12. Oh honey, # 8 jumped out at me. Why do some poor people think they are entitled to money they haven’t earned? Great question!
    #15 is another: Why all of a sudden is everyone posting and sending the same pictures and quotes on social sites? This tells me that some don’t think for themselves.
    Have we turned into sheep? Amen girl!

  13. Ha! Hi Debra. Thanks for your visit. My mind was rattling with questions and I’m glad I’m not alone in having the same thoughts. I love that we like some of the same things as far as the quotes and what not, but I guess I’m getting a little tired of the same thing. The mind starts to fade when it’s fed the same food all of the time.

  14. Why is it that we always find time to do unnecessary things and less time for the more important ones?
    How come many people cut their lives when many others (the dying)still wish to live longer?
    What makes people tic and lose their sense of self worth?
    Why is it that we ask questions with obvious answers?
    I reflected on each query you wrote Tameka :)…makes me ask God for answers…
    I’ll come back for the video though when I’m in the office. My broadband’s a bit slow:P

  15. Such deep questions Melissa. I have asked a few of these myself. The one that chilled me was the one about suicide. So true.

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