Lyric Fire: Sapphire For September – Remembering the 11th

September brings us to the nine month mark of the year and as I think about the time that has passed since that tragic Tuesday in 2001, I always come back to one question. Why?

The sun was out and people were greeting the morning just like any other day. But when night fell and we entered into Wednesday September 12th, our world had changed forever.

The way we travel has changed, our financial health is still failing even now, ten years after the attacks and certain jokes we used to tell are no longer funny. The infants of the men and women who were taken from us on that fateful day are growing up and learning more about the world around them, some of them without their mom, dad or both parents.

Yes, we have learned a lot since then, our military intelligence has been enhanced, the key figure and mastermind of the killings as well as a lot of his network have been taken out, but we are still left with the memories of the people and the buildings that used to stand so tall.

So how can we honor them? By loving one another each day like it will be our last. By putting selfish needs for fame, political offices and greed away. All around the world there is pain, hunger, strife, loneliness and war. With each senseless death we say how horrible it is, but access to guns has never been easier.

On Sept 11th as we honor our fallen, we will remember, cry and hug one another. We will read accounts that take us back to that day. We will remember heroes who just like the sapphire gem, showed just how tough and resilient they were. Just like the sapphire which comes in colors of white, brown, blue, orange, pink and yellow, people from many different cultural backgrounds and skin colors stood strong that day and helped when they could. They walked down numerous flights of stairs in the World Trade Center towers carrying people who couldn’t make the journey on their own. They donated money and brought food, water and clothing to people who had been rescued and prayed over the ones who succumbed. For that day and days after we were one.

In our socially and economically turbulent times we need to remember how we responded to a national tragedy. Two words come to mind.



Anyone who had a soul was touched by this tragedy and needed spiritual healing during and afterwards to cope and survive. The towers are gone and a memorial is taking their place. The rubble and ashes have been cleaned up and done away with but we still are standing in the wreckage. This time it is one of our own making. We need to work together to restore the strength of the United States in every aspect. How can we help others globally if we are still in fragments at home?

So use this month to challenge yourself to be more loving, work harder and find solutions instead of tearing your friends, family or your government down. Remember who you were on September 11th and how you helped your friends, family, co-workers and nation to heal. Rewind the tape and tap into your best self. It shouldn’t take a tragic event for us to support one another.

Remember and never forget…

To read about the history of September 11th go here: The September 11 Digital Archive

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  1. Jim says:

    So well said, I could not agree more. we have become a petty society and it is time to take back our dignity, spirit and sense of community!!
    Tameka you should post a link to on Jimshu’s page Monday We are doing the Magnificent Monday on 9-11. He has a Mr Lisnky where you can link to it. I will be linking up there my second part ( first part was on Friday!)

  2. Jan says:

    Wonderful post Jim is right post it on Jimshu’s page, you are right on in this. <3<3<3

  3. Thanks Jim. I was listening to NPR yesterday and one of the guests that was commenting on Sept 11th pretty much echoed what I wrote here. I pray that we can come together before it’s too late.
    I will definitely check out Magnificent Monday and will post my link and read the others. Everyone has a story about this horrible and historic event. Headed to your blog now to read your piece.

  4. Jan thank you. This is the one blog post I have trouble with each year as it is painful to remember, but knowing that we have overcome and can continue to gives me hope. See you guys on Monday. Looking forward to reading the other blogs. Hugs!

  5. melissa says:

    This was among the very first posts I saw this morning of 9/11 and I thank God as it brought out something positive of the situation. I read your friend’s experience in Jim’s post and I pray for her.
    September’s a beautiful month with Sapphire as my birthstone. 9/11 and our “Ondoy flood” are more remembered on this month… I thank God I was born on this month, I share life and rebirth to all the people who’ve experienced suffering and tragedy on September…
    This touched my soul deeply Tameka. Thank you. God bless America!

  6. Wow Melissa, Happy Pre-Birthday. Even though Sept marks many losses, we have to be thankful for the gifts as well. Your birth is definitely a gift. I’m glad you were affected by this post and I truly pray that many are reborn this month. Hugs and Blessings!

  7. Tam lets pray together..these tragedies don happen again…U knw India almost every year goes through these attacks…recent one was in New Delhi Capital of India…:(
    God Bless U!!

  8. I agree Manisha! Let our every prayer be a global one. We need peace all over the world!

  9. Bongo says:

    I remember … I was supposed to be there…I remember the shock and pain of it all.. I am still asking why? As always…XOXOXOXO

  10. Bonnie I’m so glad you weren’t in harms way that day. I think we will forever wonder why, but in the end all answers will be revealed. We have to just keep living our best lives during and after tragedies. Good will win out. It always does. Thanks for leaving your thoughts. Bless you. 🙂

  11. Adriene says:

    I so agree, Tameka. Beautiful post. xox

  12. Thanks Sweepy! 🙂

  13. Tameka,
    9-11 was traumatic and a day that I for one will never ever forget….
    My thoughts are with the many families that lost love ones on the horrible day.
    Great post lovely lady

  14. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jessica. I feel the same. Blessings to all.

  15. rimly says:

    You are such a sensitive soul Tameka. I think the tragedy of 9/11 is something the world never imagined was possible but people are capable of such inhuman acts. India too hasnt escaped its share of terror. But like you said the most important thing to remember is the love that was shown in helping people and victims that day and continue show love whenever possible.

  16. Rimly as we remember we often forget that people in other countries deal with tragedies like the one we faced in 2001 with more frequency. We felt protected here and some of us were in a dream world to not think terror would ever reach us. I pray for all of the people that have been lost in India as well as all over the world. Blessings!

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