Lyric Fire: “One Kiss, One Hug”- Bonus Material From Look At My Fabulous Life!

Don’t you love all of the behind the scenes and extra material you get on DVD’s? Well a blog’ality series has plenty of extra action too and I will be featuring some of it just for you! Remember the song Demarrco was working on in Episode 2 of Look At My Fabulous Life? Here it is in it’s entirety:


one kiss, one hug, no licks, no rubs

let’s take this slow

dinner and movies

strolls on the pier

let me finesse the caress and romance you my dear


i’m not like the rest

you chilling with the best

no need to rush

we can take some time

taste this lobster, relax your feet, drink this wine


i wanna get to know ya

see how well we vibe and flow

tease your senses

love you endless

make you beg for more


let’s go hear some erotic poetry

sit court-side with jay-z and B

travel to brazil and wales

eat filet mignon and snails


one kiss, one hug

that’s all we need to show our love

i can feel it for hours after i leave

your touch lingers like your perfume

and baby that’s all i need


you might think i’m lying

just to win your heart

but there’s no use in trying

because you stole mine from the start


i want to take you places

that only the two of us can know

let’s make memories and love faces

without taking off our clothes


you’re smiling kinda funny

because you don’t believe it’s true

but i want it to be special

the first time i make love to you


ooohh baby

one kiss, one hug

will set the scene for life

holding you like this

makes me want you as my wife


you don’t have to wear no sexy clothes

skin tight dresses with panty hose

your smile is like a dream to me

the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen


one kiss, one hug

makes my day complete

when you turn to walk away

i feel a pang so deep

i stare at the walls can’t even sleep

so i stay up late and mix some beats

you’re the one i’ve been waiting for

come back girl walk through that door


one kiss, one hug baby

mmmmm all i ever need

take my hand and understand

that you’re my one and only lady


one kiss, one hug

all bliss, sweet love

one kiss, one hug

all bliss, sweet love

(repeat and fade…)


CREATIVE CHALLENGE: If someone would like to put the lyrics to music and record their effort either on YouTube or a sound file, I will feature the BEST arrangement in a future post along with your blog link and a blurb about you! I’ll even throw in a $25 gift card so you can buy a new DVD or CD of your choice!  So get those keyboards out and start making some music! – Click on the “email me” link at the top left hand side of my blog to send your entry. Good luck! 

© 2011 – 2014, TamekaMullins. All rights reserved.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Comments (16 Responses)

  1. janaki nagaraj says:

    A beautiful and sensual poem.

  2. Thanks so much Janaki! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  3. vaisakhi says:

    this was beautiful…could actually sing it…:)…nice write….

  4. Thanks Vaisakhi! Enter the contest! I want to hear you sing it! 🙂

  5. sweet lyrics. i do not possess the musical talents you seek but i’m enjoying this peek into the process…

  6. Hey Linda! I’m happy to see you here again. Thanks! Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I need to catch up on this whole series. That was so beautiful. It’s funny how men can bare their soul in music but, some have difficulty doing it in personal relationships.
    One day I may play with music, right now I’m busy with everything else. I do have a freestyle up on a site after I had some dude come at me. Yea buddy, they didn’t know this “old” lady could rap. HA

  8. Hey Jenni! Nice to see you up in here girl! I know you have been super busy. I see your updates! 😉
    It’s so true what you said! Some men don’t like to feel vulnerable so it’s easier to put it in a song. Let’s see if Demarrco can express himself in real life like this. Stay tuned! I look forward to reading and hearing your music too girl! Don’t keep it to yourself!

  9. I accidently deleted the file from my PC. But, I did manage to find it on one site. I think the page is public so you should be able to hear it without signing up. If not let me know, I will change settings. I actually recorded it on my BB voicenotes so the sound is not the best it could be but, it’s not like I was aiming to rap. After doing it though, they realized they couldn’t bully me. HA
    The one I battled with was the one named Diss. It was my one against his 4. Then he came at me again but, I was so unimpressed I didn’t even bother anymore. LOL

  10. Jenni, that was fire ma! I didn’t know you could spit like that! That was tight yo! 😉
    BTW, did you realize that you rhymed your last line in your comment? You better go get that record deal! 😉

  11. melissa says:

    What a catch Tameka bella ;)… Let’s see if I could create music in my mind…I shared the challenge to our Tagged ArtLovers group…perhaps, we have musically inclined people there who’d want to participate…
    I like it 😉

  12. Thanks so much for sharing this Melissa! I hope a few people submit something. It would be nice to hear someone bring the words to life with music and their voice. I also really want to give away my first prize! 🙂

  13. Jan says:

    wonderful poem. I would love to hear it set to music.

  14. Thanks Jan! I’m hoping I get a few entries. Would love to see someone set it to music too! I have a gift card to give away! 🙂

  15. Andy says:

    I’m afraid I have no musical talent. I’m just a humble poet who loves to write about love & romance (smile).
    I think it’s a nice thing you’re doing having a giveaway…what great promotion for the winner! Hope you get lots of entries.
    See you for the next episode.

  16. Andy, unfortunately no one has entered as of yet. But I think Melissa is working on a version of the song and I look forward to her interpretation. Hurry Melissa! Show us your skills! 🙂

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