Lyric Fire: Look At My Fabulous Life! (Episode 7 – You Rock My World!)

In this week’s episode of Look At My Fabulous Life, we learn more about the mystery woman who has come to town and who her sights are aimed on, Demarrco tries to concentrate on work but is torn by thoughts of two very different women and Jason’s world is rocked by an unexpected development in his life! Next week we will take a break from the series and feature some additional behind the scenes material which will include another original song, this time penned by Vanessa Stone and some private revelations from the Wellingtons! Remember them? Mia’s parents have more to them then meets the eye! Stay tuned and thanks so much for reading!


You can change your name, your hair style and your clothes, but your past is never far behind. We had a plan. We were supposed to build an empire. We talked about it everyday. We would do it like no two women had ever done it and make the men in the game bow at our feet. It was all we knew. What we grew up with. How the fuck could she erase everything we built? She thought I got blown up in that warehouse this I know. But guess what? I didn’t. I am alive. Been alive and searching. Biding my time. So while I had to be on the run and scrap and scrimp to get back on my feet this bitch is living it up in LA and telling folks business on the radio? Sienna! Yeah, right Andrea. Andrea Richards who the hell do you think you are? Who will you be once I reveal who you really are? But first I’m going to take you back down memory lane and refresh your brain on just who it is that I am. We had a plan. But now mine will be the one in full effect. I’m coming Andrea. Are you ready?



Mia! Damn it!

Look Mia I wish you would stop hanging up on me. I’m going to keep calling and leaving you messages until you call me back. Do you know how busy I am? I really don’t have time for this right now. I made a mistake okay girl? I need you to call me back!


That bitch has you on a string bruh! Ha! ha! ha!

Man, shut the fuck up and get in the booth. Minding my business. This song was supposed to be recorded weeks ago.

Hey don’t be getting all pissed at me dog because you strung the fuck out! You’re looking more like a lowercase P than a G right now.

Who is producing you right now mane? Who has got your dusty ass on the top of the charts? Who has blown your bank account wide open son? Lowercase your ass into that booth and start spitting so we can roll out later and get nice. I’m not tripping on that girl no more.

Right, right… Yeah you’re the music man I can’t lie about that. Can’t control your women though. You’ll learn.

Oh, before we get down to it I have to correct you on something.

What’s that boss?

Her name is Mia, not bitch.

Yeah, you strung out fo sho! Mia it is! Sorry dog!

Man get in the booth!


I got the verses yup, uh, what!

I got them verses son

I got them verses like Grey’s Anatomy got them nurses


Yo I got them verses

Dun, what! I got them verses

Got them verses like funeral homes got them hearses

Dead! What! Uh!


Yup mama I got them verses

Bay I got them verses

Got them verses like Gucci got them purses


You know you wanna rock

Grind up in my spot

What, what!

You wanna hang with me?

Be my baby?

Can you handle me?

Me and my rock hard beats?


Girl what?

I got them verses ma

Yo I got them verses like Sam Jackson got them curses

Snakes on a plane

Smoking dro like Little Wayne

Using auto-tune like T-Pain


Smooth like Sade’s criminal

Seeping into your system all subliminal

Got them verses ma

Yo, uh what!

Got them verses!

That was tight man, hold up! I have to take this call!



Oh, I thought you were someone else.

No, it’s cool. Yeah tomorrow is fine.

I have all the tracks ready. You can come by.

Okay see you tomorrow. One.

Who was that?

Vanessa Stone. I’m about to get her back in the game.

Word? She was one fly bi.. I mean honey was bad. She still looking right?

Yeah, man you know Vanessa will always be representing.

Is that right?

What? Why you looking at me like that?

You hit it didn’t you?

Damn, why are you all up in my business like a chick? Let’s wrap up this song so we can be out!

Yeah, okay little P. Ha!




Thanks for dropping me off Jason.

Are you okay? Was that the person you’re trying to forget?


Is he harassing you? Do you need me to…

Look at you all in white knight mode! No, I’m good. I’m not gonna let him get to me.

Okay, take care of yourself and let’s go out on a real date soon.

A date?

I never said I wanted to date you. So cocky.

Wouldn’t you like to find out?

Whatever. Goodnight Jason. Thank you.


For keeping me company and getting me home safe. I guess you’re not a complete jerk.

Can I have a kiss?

And we’re back! No you can’t have a kiss fool!

I was just kidding! Ha!

No you weren’t. You probably collect kisses like the tax man collects taxes but not with me. Not yet anyway.

Okay Mia. It was nice meeting you and I hope to see you again.





Pam! Oh my God! Pam! Wake up!

Jason! Uhhh my head!

What the fuck happened here?

Some guys broke in and knocked me out!

Where are the kids! Where are my kids Pam?

I don’t know! Maybe they are upstairs!




Oh my God where are my kids!!!


J… Junior…

Aggggggggh no! God no!


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Comments (8 Responses)

  1. KalpanaS says:

    ”Smooth like Sade’s criminal
    Seeping into your system all subliminal”

  2. Ha! Thanks Kalpana! I liked that line too! Sade is my girl! 🙂

  3. Intersting Tam…i wil now take out prints to follow ths frm start….:)

  4. Thanks Manisha. Please do. 🙂

  5. Jim says:

    A cliff hanger it.. really real writing!!! As always interesting , entertaining and grabs at you!!! Hollywood must be a great place for a photographer lol but I think I will stick to Florida !!

  6. Hey Jim! I would love to see some of your LA pics! I think you’d fit right in. Thanks for being a loyal reader. I appreciate it! Always nice to have your presence here.

  7. Andy says:

    Oh my goodness! What an intriguing episode. I wasn’t expecting that ending!
    Tameka, you are really good at this.
    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading. 😉

  8. Glad you’re enjoying the journey Andy!

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