Lyric Fire: Look At My Fabulous Life! (Episode 6 – Rooftops and Hotel Rooms)

In this week’s episode of Look At My Fabulous Life, we catch up with some of our favorite cast mates and see some relationships forming that we had no idea were on the horizon. Also, there is a new girl in town and she is not a happy camper. She seems to have some unfinished business with someone in the Fabulous Life inner circle. Want to know who? Read on! Stay tuned for next week’s episode which will set your screens on fire!

Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills – Private Residence Rental

What are we doing?

Do you really have to ask?

I mean, I know what we’re doing. But, why?

We are supposed to be in your studio working on my new music.

Well, we have to sleep and eat don’t we?

Yes, but… Demarrco, come on. Why are we doing this? Don’t you have a woman?

I have a girl. She’s not quite the woman you are just yet. Still under her rich parent’s thumb. I’m not thinking about her right now.

Yeah, okay, but when she calls you, you jump and stop whatever you’re doing. You know you care about that girl. I am just a fantasy fuck.

Whoa, whoa! Easy now! I don’t see you that way Vanessa. I will admit that I was star struck when you called and wanted my help producing your music. I listened to you in college and you by far are one of the most underrated singers we have today. Your sound has always blown me away and when we finally met the chemistry was off the chain. So, why not have some fun, right?

Would you please stop trying to be a player? All of those charming words and phrases are unnecessary. I guess I can answer my own question. I was lonely and feeling like a washed up lounge singer and then here you come along, handsome, young…

You’re not old…

Hush and let me finish boy… Like I was saying, YOUNG! You were what I needed to get my confidence back, but I’m not happy about laying in another woman’s bed. That has never really been my style. I just want to be relevant again. I want my music to mean something. You have so much hot shit out right not that I know you can put me on top again. That’s all I need Demarrco. This has to stop. Go find that girl and make up with her. Let’s get back to the music.

Is that what you really want me to do? Really?

Yes. The only reason you’re with me is because you can’t control that chile. She said something you didn’t like and now you are acting out. That’s what you men do.

How do you know…

I know. I have had my share of pretty boys just like you when I was your age.

Well, I’m not the one who wanted to end things. Mia… She is letting her parents run her life. I don’t have time for that. I need a woman.

Perhaps she is that woman? I know I am not so…

Vanessa come on. Don’t leave. Look at this beautiful view. We haven’t had dinner yet and I just opened the wine. Maybe you’re right. Perhaps I should give Mia another chance. But what about you? Who is gonna give you a chance?

Don’t go feeling sorry for me now. Just get me back on the top of the charts and I will take care of the rest honey. I have never lacked for a man.

But I…

Don’t act like you’ve caught feelings either. That’s another game you men love to play. The sex was great and spending time was nice. It’s cool. I’m good. Just finish those songs and be ready to record like crazy son, because I am not gonna let these motherfuckers dictate my destiny!

Okay, ma. I got you. It wasn’t just a fantasy fuck for me though. I don’t roll like that. I respect your vocal game and you. You’re a beautiful woman who deserved to feel special and I hope I did that. You made me feel good too you know.

Well, there was never any doubt about that now was there? I can arch my back with the best of them.

Ha! Yes, mama you sure can. So how about arching it one more time before we let this thing go? Just one more time baby.

Just once more Demarrco. We’ll call it one for the road.

Mmmm, I’ll take that…

I bet you will.


HIGH Lounge – Hotel Erwin – Venice Beach

This place is aptly named huh?


I said, this place is aptly named! High Lounge. We’re up high on a rooftop and by the looks of it, you’ve got quite the buzz on. You’re high!

Hmmph! You think this is high? Wait until you see me six drinks from now!

How many have you had already?

About 3 or four.

Wow, don’t you think you should slow down?

Not really.

Pretty woman like you, getting drunk might not be the safest thing for you to do.

Ohh really? Are you my body guard now?

I’d like to be.

Ugh! Whatever! Just leave me alone. Can’t a girl get fucked up in peace?

Sure if that’s how you want it.


Nice limited vocabulary you have there.

I thought I said fuck off?

Actually you said leave me alone. That was a bit nicer than fuck off.

Sigh. I need another drink.

Hey! Can I get another… What is that color-bomb you’re drinking?

It’s called a Blood Orange Julep mister cocky.

A Blood Orange Julep. Oh and hit me off with another Amstel Light.

What the hell is in a Blood Orange Julep anyway?

It’s bourbon, blood orange… Hey why are you still talking to me?

You said you needed another drink so I was just being a gentleman despite the abuse. When it arrives, I will gladly leave you alone.

Whatever. I’m getting used to your annoying ass now. Don’t give up so easily.

I never do. So what is a gorgeous lady like you doing getting drunk by herself for?

I’m trying to forget someone.

Is it working?

A little now that I have you to harass.

Oh so now you’re admitting that you’re being mean?

Not really. Hey, you look kind of familiar? Have I seen you in anything? You’re probably one of those B-List actors or something.

I guess you could say that.

So what have I seen you in?

Uhhh… I probably shouldn’t say. I don’t want to be disrespectful.

Disrespectful? Why worry about that now? You’ve already been rude and obnoxious.

No, I think you take the title on that one dear.

Don’t call me dear.

Okay! Sheesh.

So just tell me. What piece of crap film that tanked were you in?

Baby my films never tank. They make loads and loads of cash.

Is that right?

Yes, I am a porn actor.

WHAT? Really?

Yes, I am.

Yeah right. A porn star? Drinking an Amstel Light? Okay.

What? I have to watch what I drink and eat. I have to stay looking pretty for the ladies.

Oh geez. Well, that shouldn’t be a problem. You’re an ass, but you’re hot. That’s probably why you’re an ass.

Well, thank you. I guess.

So my name is Jason. And you are?


Nice to eat you, I mean meet you Mia.

Ha ha! Very funny. Porn star jokes, the white boy edition.

Glad to see you smile. Finally.

Yeah, well I smile and pose for a living so I can fake one for your sake I guess.

A model.

Yes, I am a model.

Nude modeling?

When it’s called for, yes. I’m very comfortable with my body.

I can imagine.

So Mia. Do you mind if we get out of here soon? I’d really like to see that you get home okay. I may be a porn star, but I do have some manners.

Out of all the porn actors and I have to meet the wanna be Billy Dee Williams of the bunch.

You couldn’t name a white actor? And one who is relevant?

Naw, you might be white, but you have a little flavor. But not enough to insult Billy Dee. He’s an icon. You’re not.

Ouch! I guess you told me. Well, finish up that fruit bowl that you’re calling a drink and let me take you home.

You want to show me some of your porn star moves I suppose.

No, not just yet babe. You couldn’t handle my moves.


Sheraton Hotel – Downtown Los Angeles

Okay ma’am. You’re all set. I hope you enjoy your stay here in Los Angeles.

Thank you. It’s not a pleasure trip, but hopefully I will wind up having some kind of fun before I leave.

Well, I hope so too. There sure is a lot to see and do here. If you need anything, let any of us know and we’d be glad to help.


There sure is a lot to see and I have a whole lot to do. If she thought she could forget about me, she has another thing coming. I am not the one to be forgotten about. Trust and believe that. When she sees me she won’t know what hit her!


© 2011 – 2014, TamekaMullins. All rights reserved.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Comments (10 Responses)

  1. TamStar,
    I love love love love… We need to get together one day : )
    shared you on the net GF

  2. Thanks Jessica! We certainly should! It would be a blast. Maybe we can meet up at a poetry reading in the city sometime. Cheers and thank you for all you do for bloggers!

  3. As usual u r fab Tam!! Keep it up. I loved d lounge baby….XOXOXO!!

  4. Thanks Manisha! Thrilled you are still reading! I will visit your spot soon!

  5. melissa says:

    Oh you are so cool! I could imagine everything in my mind…shhh… I have a very good imagination :P…and having three settings was just great!
    Nice to eat ‘you’…I mean your blog, ahahaha… how I love that!
    Am getting pretty excited…there’s always something to look forward to every Wednesdays 😉

  6. Hey Melissa! Yes! I’m glad you could see it in your mind’s eye. I thought I’d add a few extra scenes this week. I may keep this a regular part of the episodes from now on… Eat away my dear! Another special recipe is coming at you next week! Cheers!

  7. Jim says:

    I am really enjoying this I love the texture you give your characters, shouldn’t you be saving these for a book instead of giving it away???

  8. Jim that is so sweet! I’m using this series as an avenue to build a following and also exercise my muscles in serial writing. I think this works better as a blog series (blog’ality) and could work as a film. So if enough people read it and like it perhaps I can get some attention and FUNDING to take it to a deeper place! 😉

  9. Andy says:

    I feel trouble brewing up ahead.
    Another fine episode.
    I have to agree with Jim…this series is definitely one for the books/movies.
    Awesome stuff, Tameka!

  10. Andy, I did a poll on my fan page and asked if people thought this could be a book or a movie, but I don’t think it was widely seen. I will have to post it again at the end of the series and see what they have to say. At least I have your one vote! Thanks!

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