Lyric Fire: Remember the NetworkedBlogs Discussion Board?

Hello Bloggers!

I’m sure a lot of you use or are familiar with NetworkedBlogs. It is a user-generated blog directory and syndication tool for publishers and bloggers and is one of the largest news apps on Facebook. Through this service you can promote your blogs on Facebook and discover and connect to other bloggers.

Some of the benefits and features of NetworkedBlogs are:

  • Works on both: profiles and Facebook Pages
  • Import your blog feed to your profile or public page
  • A visual blogroll on your profile to promote your blog and blogs you like
  • A directory of blogs organized by topic and geographical locations
  • Read news and vote on articles you love
  • A community of like minded people to connect with

Sounds great huh? I actually have been using it for a few years now and it is a great resource for promotion and connection. I have met some wonderful bloggers who now are a part of my daily reading. Some of them have even become my friends. The only way I got to meet these people was through the NetworkedBlogs Discussion Board. But it no longer exists! I know, tragic! If you had been wondering what happened to it here is some insight on why it was removed:


The explanation above was given by one of their help analysts after some confused bloggers noticed the forum was gone and complained. You can read the complaints and see the above response on the customer support page here.

Basically what it boils down to is that a lot of users were complaining about the spam and inconsideration of SOME bloggers who chose to use the discussion board as a vehicle to just plaster their links on threads without a true notion of wanting to connect but only promote. So without warning, the board was gone!

I’m sure some of you were as disappointed as I was because the discussion board when used correctly can help you build readership for your blog and can serve as an avenue to meet other writers and learn new things.

I actually was using the link to the thread I created to show potential employers my social media community building skills. So I was really sad when I could no longer access the link.

Because there were complaints about the vanishing discussion board… Wait for it… The kind folks over at NetworkedBlogs created a “backdoor” which allows bloggers to access the discussion board! There isn’t a search feature so you might spend some time finding your links, but if there was information or links you lost that were meaningful you can access them here for a short period of time. Waleed, the help analyst assigned to this issue said the link will be available for only a few weeks so jump on in and get to searching if you want to view the discussion board again!


Waleed also let the cat out of the bag that there will be a few “pretty major changes coming in the next 2 to 3 weeks” to NetworkedBlogs and a new way to promote our blogs might be included in the roll out.

In the meantime if you want to let Waleed know your thoughts about the removal of the discussion board or have other ideas on how NetworkedBlogs can be improved click here to voice your concerns.

How do you feel about the removal of the NetworkedBlogs Discussion Board? Was it useful to you or did you find it to be a nuisance? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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Comments (5 Responses)

  1. Jim says:

    Different but very informative , pretty interesting news about changes coming thanks \

  2. jan says:

    never used it so I don’t miss it. nice post, informative.

  3. Hi Jim and Jan. This is news I thought our blogging communities could use. It is a little different from my usual content, but no worries Jim! The poetry and prose is here to stay! Thanks for your thoughts!

  4. melissa says:

    I’ve read this when you had it posted some days ago…However, I’ve never used the discussion board. It would surely be great to have it back again :)so I could have a try 😛

  5. Hey Melissa. Yeah, a lot of people were using it to find followers and make connections so it is sorely missed by some. They will most likely add another component for people to connect. Let’s wait and see!

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