Lyric Fire: It’s All In The Comments… Part I

What’s the best part of blogging for you? Is it the spark you get when you come up with a killer idea for a post? Does formatting and selecting photos soothe your soul? Or do you get giddy when you receive notifications from your CMS letting you know you have a million comments in your in-box?

If you’re a true blogger, a combination of the above should make your heart vibrate. Who really wants to admit they are totally and SOLELY addicted to feedback? Hmmm. Well, you can if you want to. You’re safe here!

I absolutely LOVE getting comments. I enjoy when my readers ask me questions or let me know that something I wrote touched them. Even if the comment is one where someone is disagreeing with me, I still get pleasure from it. Why?


When we share our opinions with each other a bond begins. There is nothing more beautiful than brain cells merging and melting into one another. Knowing that I wrote something of value that traveled thousands of miles across wires, water, land and sea to get to you the reader makes me almost orgasmic. Sorry, but it’s true!

So to pay homage to you for taking the time to visit me here and drop your love on me, I have selected some of the comments that have touched me the most and featured them below.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENTS! – You’re welcome here anytime! Please come again!


“You are one beautiful soul Tameka 🙂 I just love the way you shared your sister with us. I felt the love there beyond words.” – Melissa T.

“Sister stories make me cry. I am never going to be over losing my sister. Cherish those moments…every single one of them because some of us would trade years of our lives to have those moments back. Thank you for sharing a beautiful story and sentiment.” – For Jen’s Sake

“See, if someone told me this was about food before I read it, I would have missed out on a stellar piece of writing. If not for the pictures (lickable, I say!) I would have hardly noticed this was about food. Playful, sleek and really well pet together. Every line is crafted tight and I love the way the it builds to release in the end, Tameka. I am always amazed by the messages beneath the surfaces.” – Ioannis P.

“Great start. Buona fortuna and all good things will come in time.” – Lisa F.

“Hello there : )
Why is it that men and women (society generally) still prejudge people with tats. Women especially? I’m a 26 year old F, have 11 tattoos, lots of which can’t be noticed on my daily travels. 5 To 6 during the warm months are pretty much constantly on display. I do not aim for attention and I have a loving boyfriend WITH NO TATTOOS. I get the impression that numerous people think that tattooed people are blind, as we get stared at, even if we return a glance many people keep on staring. When will society change?” – Anonymous

“As we move deeper into the instant-gratification generation of the online, instant-messaging, no-time to talk, too-busy-chatting world of information communication, it is inevitable that our mindsets become assimilated by the popular trends and language of the shared medium. In other words, our speech is going to continue to devolve unless we take a stand and encourage others not to lose sight of our basic fundamentals of reading, writing, and the other thing. Incidentally, I’ve only recently acquired a cell phone for the first time and I’ve done little more than send random messages and voice-mails to friends at weird hours of the night. Other than that, it makes for a really fancy watch.” – Louminator

“Happy blogbirthday!” – Beth M.

“Sunday Solace…I hear a song in there somewhere. Beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this list and the joyous thoughts and feelings that came to mind as a result. Gorgeous photo BTW.
Michael Franks! I LOVE that song!!!” – Margo D.

“I love this! Absoloutely love this! Sometimes I feel that way about new things in my life. For me its not really about cereal, juice or soap. It’s about acceptance and things we don’t like to change. It’s also about things we hold on to because we don’t want things to be different or we just feel as if they should be there (ex. People). Sometimes we keep people on “the shelf” because we know they aren’t quite enough but what if we need them? What if we look up and no one else is there? Just like that bar of soap, we will have them around when all else fails when we know that they can/will never be enough. Good Post!” – Jasmine

“DAMN I am going to go take a cold shower.. Very sensual and very good :)” – Jim B!

“I know how hard it is to keep up the poetry challenge, but I congratulate you on getting this far. I enjoyed your work. As for your shoulders, brush them off and relax them. I hope you feel better soon!” – Sweepy Jean

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Comments (8 Responses)

  1. rimly says:

    I am totally addicted to comments Tameka. And what a wonderful way to express that feeling in this post of yours….by posting some of the comments that have touched your heart.

  2. Thank you kindly Rimly! Have a blessed day dear writer!

  3. Adriene says:

    Hey, Lady! So sweet to see a comment of mine among those that touched you. We writers, if we are honest, are always happy when we get feedback. I’m not always able to make the rounds but it’s important for me to try. In any event, keep writing. Someone is out there who needs to hear you!

  4. It is a shame that there aren’t more hours in the day so we can read more isn’t it? Sweepy, I so appreciate you taking the time to read my blog when there are thousands of others to choose from! I know how it is about making the rounds. Sometimes you just can’t get to everyone. Cheers and have a great week!

  5. Dawn says:

    Tameka, I tried to comment on your second installment of this post, but the link was broken (just wanted to let you know).
    I do a lot of mentoring of new bloggers and this is one of the main concepts that I discuss. Practicing reciprocity within the blogging community is key to building your readership and garnering valuable advice, comments and interaction. I appreciate everyone who leaves a comment on my blog and I do my best to reply to each one. The people who leave a “good job” kind of comment are disappointing, because it indicates they haven’t spent time truly reading the content.
    I tend to cherry pick throughout each week, stopping by old favorite blogs as well as visiting new ones. I also find wonderful new bloggers via Facebook blogging communities. That concept – FB blogging groups – is one of the best methods of getting involved in the worldwide blogging community. 🙂
    I enjoyed you sharing some of your favorite comments here, Tameka! 🙂
    – Dawn

  6. Hi Dawn! Thanks so much! Part 2 isn’t supposed to be up yet, I scheduled it to post later this evening since I posted yesterday. I didn’t want to overwhelm folks. I have to check and see why it’s still showing up. At any rate, I’m glad you read it! LOL!
    Yes, being responsive on our blogs is so important to keeping up readership and making people feel like they are a part of the conversation. It shouldn’t just be a spouting of thoughts and ideas. Thanks as always for stopping by! 🙂

  7. melissa says:

    I was actually half-hearted when I started blogging in January. I originally wanted to compile my writings in a book I wish to gift my future husband. Anyhow, I soon found out that it was my friend’s way to expand my relationship with other people. I usually keep my circle to a limit but when someone starts commenting (esp. from the heart), I really feel blessed that someone has read what I wrote.
    I do enjoy reading comments although I don’t reply back on my page. I write on their wall or I send them a message just to let them know I value what they say.
    Thank you for including me up there :P… I do not wish to flatter you :P… I wish you to feel how much I appreciate and admire your works :)… love you bella :*

  8. Melissa! Sometimes we start something for one reason and change course and find an even deeper meaning. I’m glad that you found another reason to share your words. We can respond in different ways there are no rules. You are unique in your way of showing your support of blogs. Keep being you! 🙂

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