Lyric Fire: Orange Slices & Oatmeal

psychedelic sun circles

exploding with rich zest and vitality

revving up the inner engine of complete possibilities

dotting the soul with punch and promise

making the day a deliverance

and the night elongated

energies soar and dreams are filled with color

nothing is ever ordinary

no dull disk are you

you are a life ball

cutely contained

in complex skin

your essence is both left in smell and texture

a myriad of flavors and hues

spread out across countries

splitting off and dazzling like the colors of a kaleidoscope

just like the brain you are encased and protected

God’s sun on a budget


in sharp contrast

sometimes tight

or loose

pardon the innuendo

exotic is not your name

the eye dulls as it gazes upon you

frowns are elicited

dried paint on forgotten walls call more attention

lumpy frumpy bland and tasteless

shunned one

filled with important elements you deserve praise

all you need is time to put your party face on

you can be pretty too

you are a life lump

but a little brown sugar can transform

fruit can enhance your waltz into a disco dance


communities dulled by time

teem with life as art takes hold


of bad fortune


resuscitating youth



penetrating the heart

widening the pupil

engaging the senses

seeing the unseen

appreciating differences

focusing on and identifying hidden beauty

discerning the deepness beyond the hypnotic shell

learning the secret of life

one orange slice and oatmeal bowl at a time

fiber and fruit unite to save the world



© 2011 – 2014, TamekaMullins. All rights reserved.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Comments (9 Responses)

  1. melissa says:

    What a combination Tameka ;)…what powerful imagery that penetrates deep within…
    I ate this post for breakfast along with your thoughts in it… we do become what we eat :*

  2. sulekha says:

    Delicious poem about an equally delicious subject 🙂 Yum is the word.

  3. Hi Melissa and Sulekha! Thanks so much! I wanted to highlight the features, benefits and misconceptions of both foods and I’m also examining them deeper and comparing them to humanity. Cheers!

  4. kriti says:

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful – wow!!

  5. Ioannis Passalis says:

    See, if someone told me this was about food before I read it, I would have missed out on a stellar piece of writing. If not for the pictures(lickable, I say!)I would have hardly noticed this was about food. Playful, sleek and really well pet together. Every line is crafted tight and I love the way the it builds to release in the end, Tameka. I am always amazed by the messages beneath the surfaces.

  6. Ioannis Passalis says:

    Man oh man, I could really go for some oat-meal right now. I would feel heroic if I had one!

  7. Thanks so much Ioannis! I try to mix different elements together so I’m glad this piece served as a sort of sustenance for you!

  8. Eqlektik says:

    I love the cadence of this piece and the way you used food as references for life. The images were definitely complimentary to the piece.

  9. Thanks so much Eqlektik! Nice name BTW… I had fun with this piece. I’m finding that I’m mixing my love for food in a lot of my writing these days. Cheers!

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