Lyric Fire: Friday’s Favorite Word Feast – Closure

Life can be just like a book or a film. Whether your existence is filled with drama, comedy, fiction or fantasy, you are in charge of the structure of the chapters and scenes. But just as a story begins, it must also end. So in light of this thought, I chose closure as our favorite word for today. Closure can conjure up images of personal freedom and tranquility, but sometimes it sure can be a hard pill to swallow.

When a basketball player hits the game winning shot, that is good closure. If he clangs a deciding basket off the side of the rim and the time runs out resulting in a championship win for the other team, that my friends is the worst closure of all. But is it?

Sometimes when we say goodbye to a friend, family member, a job, a city, or see the sun setting on a dream the feelings we have inside duel and dance with one another. Even when you know that closing a certain door is healthy, wise and necessary for your growth, it can be one of the hardest things you ever have to do.

I am at a crossroads where I may have to do all of the aforementioned. Actually, I have already closed one door. It’s threatening to creak back open, but I must make the decision to keep it locked which will not be easy.

I can not let the fact escape me that I do feel a sense of calm which is overriding my sadness at this point and it’s a little scary. But I guess at times your mind and body know things that your heart hasn’t accepted yet.

Whatever door you decide to close in the future make sure you allow yourself the time to linger on the outside of it for a minute. Reflect on what you left inside and ask if you can truly live a more authentic, joy-filled and accomplished life not ever seeing what is behind the door again. Be totally honest in your answer. If you can, it is the closure you desperately need. Don’t look back. Move forward with the assurance that your future holds great treasures and trust that your past life experiences have prepared you to accept what is rightfully yours.

In some cases that tarnished silver you needed to leave behind may just turn up later in your life as a gold piece. But make sure in your time away that you’re developing your own sparkle. If the fates allow, you might be able to shine together one day. If not, no matter, you’ll still be a precious jewel.

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  1. sulekha says:

    Tameka, I love the way you think and your words flow so effortlessly. Closure is hard and painful but sometimes necessary for survival.
    I had written a poem on closure, it’s a bit like what your post has stated. Do read it and let me know if it fits the bill.

  2. melissa says:

    Your post goes beyond mere sharing of your experiences…that’s very beautiful Tameka.I think things have their own time for healing… it’s something unhurried nor lingering… Closure is a very good word… “schiettezza” within, I like that… I have to be very honest with myself before anything else…
    Thanks…I am preparing for closure of certain events in my life… it’s about time 😉

  3. David Smith says:

    Love the timely post on closure as I’m contemplating shutting a few doors but it’s so difficult to move on as the risk of failure looms ahead. Humans often stay and deal with misery or an unhealthy relationship because they figure it’s better than nothing, I can certainly relate to that statement. “Nothing risked nothing gained” is appropriate here but fear often paralyzes us while limiting our ambitions
    Nice post. Let’s hope we all discover gold in the future!!!

  4. Faye says:

    But unlike any other movies, you cannot direct or you will not know what will be the ending. How I wish, life , really, could be like a book or movies where in you can edit the pages or the scenes, or maybe you could pause – rewind – pause – rewind everything, then maybe delete some parts. But life isn’t a movie or a book.

  5. Hi Sulekkha. Thanks so much for your lovely words. I look forward to reading your poem. I’m interested to see if our thoughts connect on this subject.
    Melissa, thanks as well. You have introduced a new word into my vocabulary. Schiettezza. I see that it is Italian. Does it mean “the truth within?” I love it! I will be using it from now on. I hope this post put something on your mind regarding your own closure and that it was helpful. 🙂
    David you are so right on about the difficulty of making life’s necessary changes. It’s so hard to see someone you love accept things you know they would be better off without because of fear. It’s also hard to be in the position to walk away yourself when you know you deserve better. Life and it’s many mysteries. I hope the upcoming decisions you are facing will work out for you dear writer.
    Faye, thanks for adding to this discussion. I also wish the same things. We only have the power to shift and change course but no one knows the ending. But that’s why we live, to get to the end. If we knew the outcome the journey wouldn’t be as precious or in some cases painful. I pray that we all have sweeter journeys that lead to happy endings. Thanks again everyone for your thoughts. It made this post much richer.

  6. Jim says:

    Tameka you are a marvel……I feel and think ( not always the same lol) that sometimes we will not close a door because of being afraid of what will be behind the next door or even scarier that there will not be anything behind that next door. If we allow it to close and nail it shut in every case there is something new. It might not be what we want but it will be what we need!! Hmm I like that would make a great song!!!

  7. Jim you have added yet another dimension to this discussion. I believe what you say to be true. That is one of my favorite songs by the way. Thanks as always for your readership dear writer. 🙂

  8. kriti says:

    Many a times, Tameka, I have closed the door but didn’t linger – should have… Beautiful post – thanks a ton for sharing it.

  9. Hey Tameka –
    Putting closure can be rough on us all but as you said it often must be done. So many times closure is perceived as a negative and it should never be that way. Closure in its simplest terms is growth and growth is good. Thank you. 🙂

  10. Kriti, I find that a linger can be like an extra burst of oxygen. Sometimes when facing difficult decisions we feel like we have no air left to breathe. That moment to reflect let’s us get our bearings. We are only of flesh and blood after all. We need that time.
    Charlie/ Brian (:-) I agree it is good. It doesn’t feel good sometimes but it is.

  11. jyoti misjra says:

    Lovely post !!
    Your thinking is as beautiful as your heart.
    Nice read !!

  12. Jyoti! Thank you kindly for those wonderful words. Have a blessed day!

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