My Blog Lyric Fire: Marigolds for May

We’re now five months into 2011. How has it been going? Has it been raining in your life lately? Well, I’ve certainly seen my share of down pours recently. Isn’t it funny that when it does rain, we focus on all of the negatives that sometimes come with storms? We bemoan our bad hair days, complain about the lack of sun and curse the mud that was formed by the marriage of water and dirt. After all, who really wants to mop up muddy foot tracks off of a spotless kitchen floor?

They can definitely put a “damper” on things, but rain storms are necessary for growth in nature and in life. We should honor precipitation as the precious life force that it is. There is a spiritual thing that happens when storms clouds rise. A hush comes over the land. As the raindrops fall there is a symmetry to them. It’s as if a million artists are dotting their paint brushes across the sky. The smell of rain is intoxicating. Breathe deeply and connect to God’s fragrance. Embrace the rainy season of your lives and you will be rewarded with luscious marigolds.

Here are three beautiful bunches of knowledge to help you get through May:

  1. Ride the Water Waves: When thunder strikes and lightning flashes always protect yourself, but in the midst of the calamity notice the poetry and the beauty. Have you ever wondered why storm chasers would go into the eye of a storm? To capture the beauty of life of course! Their fascination with nature overrides their fear. Some may call their actions foolhardy, but don’t we all marvel at the pictures they are able to secure? So when trouble clouds form over your life, ride those tumultuous waves to sweet victory. With each laborious step know that you’re heading in the right direction. Others may be traveling with you and if so, shelter each other from the storm with your combined belief that everything will be alright. Let faith be your ultimate umbrella!
  2. Create a Visual Garden in Your Mind: When storms arise it often gets very quiet in your life doesn’t it? Sometimes friends and loved ones are shielding themselves from harm and just can’t spare a rain coat for you. You are indeed blessed if you do have help, but even if you don’t you can still prevail. Positive thoughts can help during any life blizzard. Catapult your mind to where you wish to be even if it’s not currently where you’re at and most often you will get there. No food in the fridge? Imagine it bursting with healthy options. Homeless? Mentally curl up on your couch and take an afternoon nap. I’m not suggesting that you won’t have to put some action behind these creative visualizations, but when you’ve done all you can, create a beautiful reality in your mind to go along with your hard work and you WILL win!
  3. Be the fertilizer you wish to receive: Marigolds and other beautiful flowers and plants need to be nourished and fertilized in order to achieve their maximum growth potential and humans are no different. Each of us has the tools we need to achieve our goals and it is our blessed responsibility to pass on what we know to others to help them achieve theirs. To receive help, you sometimes have to be the helper. The good that you dispense will always be like a boomerang and come back to you!

So the next time it rains, don’t sigh or frown. Put on your galoshes and get to stepping! Dance, shake and Do the Dougie in the rain! Have a marvelous month of May!


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  1. Jim says:

    Really nicely written…. Your use of storms to represent those times in our life is wonderful. Do you think people stay away in part due to the fact that they do not want you to need to address the elephant in the room? When I had some health problems, I really did not want to keep explaining what happened and what was going on, even though I knew people were trying to be nice. Maybe that is just me.

  2. Thanks Jim. Yes, I do believe that to be the case in some instances. We often feel helpless when our loved ones are in trouble or hurting and we feel that we can’t help. Personally, I don’t mind talking about my situation when I’m in need of help. I find it healing and when people acknowledge my pain or need of help I feel a deep connection and also I feel closer to a solution. But we all handle adversity differently. I love having learning about how others process things. It’s fascinating!

  3. Hi Tameka –
    WOW you write most impressively. I’m subscribing and I’m not going to take no for an answer. I’ll sit here at your doorway until you give me what you owe me; my VIP pass. Final, and no discussions about it.
    It sounds to me that you’re talking a lot about finding “our gratitude”. Whatcha think? I struggle daily as you and your readers do as well. One course of action I try to take when it rains on my life, is to give thanks. Gratitude is plentiful in even the lowest of times; we must open our eyes to savor those blessings.
    We often miss the most simplest of life’s sweet kisses, blessings, because we can get all into our own woes. Often times, our minds are far out into the future and we fail to enjoy just a simple “hello” smile from a passing stranger. Even better when there’s a pair of awesome legs strutting along with her mini, lol…but I think you understand my point. Gosh, stop screaming at me Tameka. Let me be a guy and get over it, lol ;).
    As you say above, rain brings life. We need to acknowledge and be grateful, for I believe God has only good in store for us in our lives. We must get out of the way and just “let it blossom” for us all.
    Another wonderfully expressed and perfectly written post. Happy Thursday to you. 🙂

  4. Preach Charlie! I love everything that you said. It is so easy to focus on the bad in troubled times, but our challenge as humans is to celebrate the good in such times. It’s not easy, but with practice we can get close to perfect at it. I do agree with you about feeling gratitude. I have gotten into the habit when I feel myself sinking into despair to ask, “What if things were worse?” As soon as I answer, I begin to feel much better.
    You’re funny. I don’t think many men will ignore a beautiful set of legs strolling down the street even in their darkest of moments. 🙂
    Happy Thursday to you too and nice to meet you!

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