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Hello Lyric Fire Readers!

I know I’ve been neglecting you, but I swear I had a good reason. I would share it, but I’d rather focus on the future as what I’ve been dealing with recently really needs to stay in the past! Whew! What a worrisome couple of weeks!

Now that I’m getting my bearings back, it’s time to get back to blogging! So let’s jump into today’s featured favorite word Perseverance. Notice how your mouth and tongue get a work-out just saying this word? To keep chipping away at an obstacle and know that you will succeed takes faith, hope, trust and that special stuff we have within us that fuels us even when we are beyond being fatigued. To persevere is to simply continue even though something is hard.

How many times have you kept trying to complete a goal only to fall flat on the pavement? Tiresome isn’t it? But didn’t it feel good when you finally broke through? I’m sure my Boston Celtics felt that way in 2008 when they won the championship. Even though they seem to be floundering now, they still have that special juice that allows them to keep trying. Rajon Rondo our heady point guard had his elbow snapped out of it’s socket and still came back to solider his team to the only win they had against the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Semifinals this year. We faltered down the stretch ultimately, but I’m sure most people will remember Rondo literally playing with one-arm during that classic game. With that kind of fortitude I’m sure Boston will win another championship. So even if you’re currently facing an uphill battle, take a deep breath and power through because you have what it takes to get to the finish line. Trust me, I know of what I speak. I have broken through quite a few times in my life and most recently too.

Never give up! You’re too special and precious! Cheers and Happy Friday!

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Comments (4 Responses)

  1. Jim says:

    Could not agree with you more Tameka Never say never, never give up, stay the course, full steam ahead. I think I just proved who the word smith is here!!! We missed you , my Friday words are WELCOME BACK!!!

  2. Such wise and inspirational words Jim! Thanks! It feels so good to be back! You have no idea! Have a blessed weekend!

  3. Good Morning Tameka –
    Perseverance; a magical term! I love your reference to the 08′ Celts. Go 11″ Chicago Bulls, go!
    If you reflect upon the word, as I know you have already done in this wonderful post of yours, perseverance is well-known to billions of our predecessors. Anyone who has accomplished anything in life has persevered lots.
    Average homemakers, mostly housewives, persevere loneliness, screaming kids, lack of day time affection when often times it’s greatly needed, and persevere towards just a moment of sanity perhaps.
    Professionals like your self, persevere goal setbacks, technology headaches, relationship heart aches, and probably inner doubt hindrances at times too.
    Thomas Edison once said something like this: I haven’t failed 500 times at creating my workable light bulb; I have merely proved 500 ways it doesn’t work. Tameka, pretty awesome view at striving towards a goal, eh?!
    Happy to meet you Tameka. You have a flair for writing, no doubts. You speak your mind well. Which reminds me not to ever piss you off. I hate it when a girl bites hard, hahaha. Thank you, God Bless, and enjoy your day. 🙂
    My prayer for my soulmate:

  4. Wow, Charlie! I’m so glad to have seen your post on Twitter earlier. I see that we are on the same wavelength about quite a few things. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments. You’ve expressed just what I like most about the word perseverance. I love the Thomas Edison reference.
    LOL! I don’t bite unless necessary, but when I do my sting can be felt for weeks!

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