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The first writer to kick off National Poetry Month on Lyric Fire is Rimly Bezbaruah. Based in India, Rimly is a beautiful poet, storyteller and blogger who takes you deeper into the soul’s psyche with her writing. Her blog is appropriately titled Journey, as you are lifted up and set on a course of her choosing when reading her work. I hope you enjoy the following poem entitled “Them and Her” as much as I did.

To read more of Rimly’s poetry, visit her blog here:

Now, prepare to delve deep into the lyrical stylings of Rimly Bezbaruah…


Them and her…

They sat holding hands…

The crackle of the fire

Warming their cold bones….

Their gnarled fingers intertwined,

A testimony of a life of

Togetherness, of a life fulfilled.

Their silence like music

Soothe their hearts.


His salt and pepper hair

Now snowy white

Shine in the glowing ember.

She wants to slide her fingers

Through the silvery strands

But doesn’t….

Gestures like this no longer,

A proof of her steadfastness.


His still twinkling eyes behold

Her with love and affection

Many a storm has

Come and gone

But they have stood

Their ground.

Like pillars they

Have held their legacy together.


His angelic smile warms

Her content heart

As they gaze into

Each other’s soul.

Ensconced in their world

Their journey of life

Began and will end

As one, bonded forever.


She sits huddled

Close to her fire.

Her old, weary, cold bones

Seeking the only warmth

Left to her

The other woman….

Worlds separate them

Loving him yet lost to him always.


Her crop of silvery strands

Too shines in the burning light

Stooped and alone

She sits reminiscing….

The spring of love

That had welled in her

Now lies dried and dead….

A memory only….


Her smile still lights

Her lined face,

But tinged with melancholy.

His promises, his words

Still beating in her heart

“Love me and await,

I promise I will come to you”

His words reverberate….

Remaining a refrain in her life.


She waited by the

Door of hope…

Hoping against hope

But it stayed shut

Only silence echoed…

A silence that clamored

For a resolution…

That never came.


Shivers wrack her tired frame

As flashes of emotion

Surge like lightening…

His laughter, his smile.

His deep voice with

His tender words

“Not right now baby….”

But the line remains


It stays suspended

In the passage of time.


He abandoned her

His other woman…

To uphold his legacy, his woman

As she died and

Shriveled inside

With emptiness

Residing forever in her heart.


They had met at a crossroad

Their paths crossing briefly

Love swept them away

The deluge of emotions racing in their veins

Blinding them…

Till conviction came calling….

Their parallel lives

Had no meeting point

He tries to explain…

While her love groped and

Groveled in the darkness

Of uncertainty

And withered away

Lost in this journey forever….

Poetic Inquiry Challenge: What is your interpretation of this poem? Share your thoughts…


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Comments (10 Responses)

  1. Jim says:

    Thank You Tameka for showcasing this amazing women’s talent. Her poems are always extremely thought provoking and emotionally charged.

  2. Good morning Jim. You’re quite welcome. It was my pleasure. Rimly’s writing deserves to be celebrated. I love the trips she takes me on!
    Have a great day!

  3. Sweepy Jean says:

    This is a beautiful poem, Rimly, showing the anguish of being the other women. Great how you can see all the points of view in a complete story! Thanks for showcasing the talents of fellow poets this month, Tameka!

  4. Thanks for supporting poetry this month Sweepy! I always enjoy your feedback.

  5. Jende1994 says:

    Genius idea showcasing other poets. I enjoyed this very much, there’s a depth and pain to be felt in this poem even if you aren’t the other woman you feel bad for her, in a twisted, please don’t let this happen to me way. Absolutely wonderful.

  6. Hi Jende. Poetry at it’s best should be shared. Thanks for taking the time to read it.

  7. kriti says:

    Rimly can truly weave magic with her words. I admire her ability and talent – she is a true poet. Thanks a ton Rimly for bringing such beauty into our lives.

  8. Hi Kriti! Yes, she is! I hope she has seen this show of support for her work. I think she would be pleased.
    Have a wonderful and creative week ahead!

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