My Blog Lyric Fire: Amber For April

We are now four months into the year! I’m sure some of you may feel there is never enough time in the 24 hours we are allotted each day. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all we have to do.

To help smooth you out yet again, my Tamstarz Tools for 2011 series this month will focus on finding the beauty in everyday living. I have always had an affection for amber jewelry as it symbolizes calmness and serenity. So here are a few amber jewels for you to treasure this month.

  1. If you stay strong during the April rain, the storms will pass and a lovely flower bed will remain: Hard work DOES pay off. Weariness is relieved with rest. If you are trying to get over a mountain that seems to be impossible to climb, be encouraged to continue. Humans are built for success and completion. Never give up!
  2. Spring FORWARD with positive actions and throw BACK any negativity: God gave us the amazing gift of life, but navigating it will not always be easy. We can CHOOSE to belabor our hardships or focus on what is right when things go wrong in order to push through. To speak frankly, I have had some difficult days recently, but I’m still standing because I refused to sink into darkness. On hard days, I listened to good music, used my gift of writing to create art and connect to others and most importantly, I prayed. I can now see the hint of a rainbow in the distance and the clouds are lifting for me.
  3. If there are creative, professional or personal droughts in your life, become a rainmaker: This is easier said than done, but once a rock star, always a rock star. If you’ve ever been successful at any juncture, you can do it again! It’s also important to remember that sometimes the things we most desire are often put on hold because something better is making it’s way to us. In the meantime, if we learn to create other avenues for happiness, we will never feel cheated or depleted! Waiting for that book to attract a publisher? Create a blog, build a following and work on producing great content! Your mind will be active and you’ll still be honing your craft until your big dream comes true. Feeling like you’ll never find the right mate? Focus more on meeting people for friendship instead of obsessing over your lack of love. You never know who you may meet in the process. Succinctly, our present happiness is always determined by the choices we make.

I wish all of my readers a prosperous and blessed month of April! Go ahead and make it rain!


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Comments (2 Responses)

  1. Rimly says:

    Thank you for the encouraging thoughts. Wishing you too a prosperous and a blessed month of April Tameka

  2. Thanks Rimly! All the best to you!

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