My Blog Lyric Fire: Last Night A Blogger Saved My Life

I’ve been a writer all of my life, but a blogger for just under two years. The activity of writing is something akin to breathing to me and for a while I was only writing/breathing just half of the time. Imagine that.

A few years ago most of my writing was work related and in some ways fulfilling, but more on a professional level. I was also working on a novel in the hours I wasn’t at work, but I needed something more to keep my fire burning, so that’s when I decided to create my blog.

Little did I know it would become much more than just a place to dump some rambling thoughts. It has become a refuge, a creative corner, a writer’s watering hole and a creative community in which to escape when the REAL WORLD gets to be a bit much. It also keeps me honest as a writer. Having this forum makes me write more often. There are no excuses for not doing so.

Additionally, I am finding that in my personal time I am thinking about some of the brilliant bloggers I’m connecting to. Their wise and witty words are bouncing in my head, sometimes inspiring me and at other times making me laugh and cry. Many of these voices are echoing beyond the templates, frames and graphics of their blogs and making their way into my literary heart.

I owe much to the art of blogging. I’m speaking to people from all over the world with just a few clicks, putting my heart on the page and building creative bridges that I hope will remain in existence for a very long time.

Thanks to blogging I’m truly breathing and not just gasping for creative air when I can get it. It’s all around me to take in and I’m loving it!

To all of my blogging comrades I thank you. You fill my heart, eyes and head with brilliance, honesty, laughter and love. Thanks for saving my life and allowing me to breathe again.

In the video, replace the word DJ with blogger!

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Comments (10 Responses)

  1. Sweepy Jean says:

    Thank you, Tameka. I, for one, regard you as an inspiring voice in my blogging life. You have a generous and open spirit; I’m happy to know you!

  2. Thanks so much my fellow scribe! My feelings for you are same!

  3. Michele says:

    I always liked writing in school, and didn’t really consider myself a writer, till I started my blog. It’s funny, how I’ll be at my 9-5 job, thinking of topics for my blog, like you said, it’s become an outlet for me and hopefully help someone else.

  4. Hello Michelle! Thanks so much for your response. I can totally relate to thinking about future blog posts during my day where ever I happen to be. I think bloggers are similar to town criers of the past. You can always find something interesting and new on someone’s blog.
    Nice meeting you! I hope you come back again.

  5. Rimly says:

    Thank you too Tameka. You also are a inspiration to many, including me. What a great tribute to all the bloggers out there.

  6. Thanks Rimly, that is so sweet. I appreciate your readership and your beautiful writing. Have a gorgeous day!

  7. Cindy says:

    Beautifully expressed and true in so many ways!

  8. Thanks Cindy!

  9. Hey, tried to post this under your April reminders but the link is broken. Anyway, thanks for reminding I CAN BE a rock star. Sometimes I need to remember that.
    BTW – takes one rocker to know one!

  10. Hello Lisa! You are quite welcome girlie! I was trying to be clever and schedule my April post for later, but I think it showed up early on my blog anyway. Thanks again. Keep on blogging and rocking!

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