My Blog Lyric Fire: Friday’s Favorite Word Feast – Albatross

We’re at the end of the week and whoo hoo! We’ve made it! Happy Friday everyone! Time to zone in on another word worthy of high praise. Today I’ve selected one of my personal favorites: Albatross.

Most people think about negativity when they hear the word albatross and that’s understandable because the dictionary defines it as being something that has become a burden or causes persistent deep concern or worry. But it’s also the name of a large seabird known for their webbed feet and long narrow wings. These birds are graceful gliders and are also called sea eagles.

I like saying the word because I think it drips wonderfully from the tongue. Albatross.

In essence, I love how a word with a negative connotation can also describe something that symbolizes beauty and freedom.

What other words do you love that also double in meaning? Please share!

In the meantime, I wanted to leave you with a video ditty (Alphabet Street- by Prince) from one of my favorite artists, but he’s a control freak and won’t allow his music to be posted on Youtube, so here is a clip of More Than Words by Extreme instead! Enjoy!

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  1. Jim says:


  2. Hi Jim! Organ does have quite a few meanings! 🙂

  3. Rimly says:

    Btw I love this song too. Thank you for sharing Tamz

  4. Jim says:

    lolol Sure Church organ and hmmmmmm oh yea the most important organ the heart is one WHEW Glad I thought of the heart !!! lolol

  5. A pleasant your blog,not being able to follow,because of some NETWORKED BLOGS limitations..but will surely come here time and again.

  6. LOL! Of course I was ONLY thinking of the heart and musical instrument as well… 🙂

  7. Hi Rimly! Battery is a good one too! Thanks! We both have great taste in music. Nice!

  8. Hi Alpana! Thanks so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying my Lyric Fire. I love your blog as well. I also am limited now on NetworkedBlogs. I wonder why they set a limit anyway… Hmmm. Well if you want, just click the Facebook Like button on the left side underneath my photo and my posts will show up in your news feed. Have a wonderful day!

  9. kriti says:

    Numb – it explains a lot more than just the dictionary meaning of the word I think. This was so much fun Tameka : ) My latest post is at

  10. Hi Kriti! I agree with you! Good one. I wonder if we are ever really numb. We say we have no feeling, but it’s because of an overflow of feelings that we are led to “feeling” numb. Interesting.

  11. sweepyjean says:

    Ok, trying this again! 🙂 I’m cheating a little, but this is my favorite word I love to hate – “poignant.” Usually when something is described as poignant, it is a good thing, meaning touching and heartfelt. But I hate how the word sounds and it leaves a bad taste on my tongue!

  12. No worries about cheating! I’m fascinated by everyone’s relationship to their favorite and least favorite words. I have to concur that poignant does not really roll off of the tongue. Thanks for commenting!

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