My Blog Lyric Fire: The Faith Portal

Working hard and preparing for the future has been your life’s work. You’ve studied, prayed, and sacrificed many things for your dream. Yet it hasn’t come to fruition. You feel spent and frustrated and you’re just about to declare defeat.

Intellectually you know better. In the past you’ve witnessed many fresh opportunities and amazing miracles. Your emotions and thoughts are getting the best of you though. You see success all around you, but only for others. You’re sinking, dipping, drowning.

Don’t give up I say! Make your mind become an extension of the faith portal. Whenever you think you’re done, imagine this gateway opening up and showering you with blessings. Relax in this moment. Take it in fully. Let it wash the negative grime away and cleanse you with positive purity.

If you’re still working and trying, you’re WINNING, trust me. I know it doesn’t feel that way, but believe it. Every step you take will lead you to where you need to be.

Say it in your mind and out loud. “I am traveling to a safe place, the faith portal.” Even mouthing the words brings a certain sense of calm.

In this challenging time, be kind to yourself. Fuel your body with good food, exercise, read inspirational literature, pray, invite positive influences into your life, limit your intake of bad news polls and reports. Find laughter at every turn. Even when you feel your worst, push through the pain. Take it on as a personal challenge. Every time you have a negative thought, feed yourself with a positive one. Gradually change your emotional diet.

No one said life was fair or easy. Being alive is a treasure and precious gift to behold though. Imagine all of the things you can achieve if you continue to believe. Know also that others are being challenged in ways that just might boggle your mind. When you mentally escape into the faith portal, take others in with you. Speak goodness into their lives.

Transport yourself right now to The Faith Portal. Breathe deeply, pray and believe. You are not alone. Your faithfullness WILL be fruitful.

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