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The following is a rambling flow of some of my literary thoughts and questions. If you think you know the answers to some of these please chime in. Also, if you have your own thoughts and questions about writers, the craft of writing or words in general share them. Enjoy.

Do editors edit in their heads while they’re reading a book for pleasure?

So if the New York Times has a BEST SELLERS list, shouldn’t they have a BEST WRITERS list? Sometimes the best stories are often told and not sold.

Was Phillis Wheatley the first African American to publish a book period or just the first to publish a book of poetry? If she wasn’t who was?

Who was the first Latin person to publish a book?

Did Jesus keep a “personal” journal?

How many times on average does the word “the” appear in a book?

Can dogs read?

Who was Bruce Lee’s favorite author?

How many words does the average human vs. a professional writer write in a life span?

Did they have poetry slams in biblical times?

Wouldn’t it be cool if they had a show on MTV called Poetry Unplugged that featured musical acts who strip their popular songs of ALL instrumentation? Whose songs would you like to hear recited without music?

What do porn stars read? I bet we’d be surprised!

Do writers brains look different than non-writers? Are they bigger or smaller?

What was the first sentence ever written?

What will be the last sentence ever written?

Imagine if Mike Tyson and Fran Drescher were married and were your parents. If they read to you at bedtime would you be able to concentrate on the words?

More random literary thoughts to come!

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Comments (2 Responses)

  1. Sweepy Jean says:

    Wow, you ask a lot of questions, and some good ones, too! As an editor, I can tell you yes, editors do edit when they read for pleasure. I am critical of things that don’t read well for a particular reason and I marvel at and study well written passages. The difference between best sellers and best writers: so, so true! I would love to know Bruce Lee’s favorite author!

  2. Ha! Hello Sweepy! Yes, I’ve always asked a lot of questions. The true mark of a writer I gather.
    Thanks for answering the one about editors. I find myself editing sometimes too when I read. I may have to do some investigating on some of these. Hmmm. 😉
    Stay tuned!

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