My Blog Lyric Fire: What’s Your Narrative?

Writers are always searching for new ideas and inspiration and most times they find things to spark their creativity in publications about writing.

I’ve been looking for a new literary resource for a while and I recently found one that according to their website, is dedicated to advancing literary arts in the digital age. Founded in 2003, Narrative Magazine is primarily a digital publication (available on the web, Kindle, iPod and iPad), but can also be found in libraries or purchased via their online store in hard copy.

The magazine features fiction, non-fiction, poetry, topical interviews, book reviews and information about various writing contests.

More than just a magazine, Narrative is a non-profit organization that promotes the importance of reading. With so many other distractions reading has become a lost art. Unfortunately cable television, video games and social networking have taken the place of reading a book or a magazine. According to Narrative, more than half of Americans between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four no longer read for pleasure, and less than one-third of thirteen-year-olds are daily readers of any book at all.

I’m planning on jumping onto the Narrative website each week to stay on top of the literary scene. I just might download the app on my Kindle as well.

CHALLENGE: Try to incorporate a few additional hours of reading into YOUR daily schedule. You may find something that could inspire greatness in you!

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Comments (2 Responses)

  1. Bob says:

    “According to Narrative, more than half of Americans between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four no longer read for pleasure.” Maybe because that’s the prime college age, and when you go to college you are too busy reading textbooks to read for pleasure. And if you’ve not gone to college, you’ve probably got no interest in reading anyway.

  2. Hi Bob. Thanks for your response. You make an interesting point. I personally think a passion for reading develops when you’re young. My mother read to me at bedtime and it fueled my love for the written word. Even when I was in college I still read for pleasure.
    It is a sad state of affairs when book stores are in danger of closing (Borders etc…) and we buy iPods by the millions. At least we can still get our fix digitally, but there is nothing like holding a book. I guess I’ll always be a word nerd. 🙂

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