My Blog Lyric Fire: Book Binge: “The Making of a Writer, Volume 2”: by Gail Godwin

I chose “The Making of a Writer, Volume 2: Journals, 1963-1969” by Gail Godwin for the first Book Binge selection of 2011 because I love writers that explore human dynamics. More specifically, I admire Gail Godwin because she always writes passionately about the souls of women. Her stories often examine the power and frailty of the female psyche and dig deeply into how we think and feel and how we handle triumph and tragedy.

Being able to peek into someone’s personal journal is a treasured thing, as we often uncover the real persona of a person. The very essence of the being that is often hidden in their daily life. It is important for writers to read the lives of other writers. Not to copy or regurgitate their process, but to learn and be inspired by it.

Read the New York Times review of “The Making of a Writer, Volume 2: Journals, 1963-1969” here: A Novelist Prepares

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