My Blog Lyric Fire: Book Binge: “Color Oxford English Dictionary” Edited by Sara Hawker

Some might say a dictionary is a boring choice for a Book Binge selection, but I disagree. For writers and word nerds, dictionaries can provide hours of joyous reading. I’m an admitted tech geek, so I have a dictionary app on my Android phone, but I don’t get the same thrill as I do when I thumb through a worn and weathered word book.

This particular edition was originally published in 1995 and recently reissued in 2011. With over 90,000 words and phrases defined with clarity and framed with colored headwords for easy reading and navigation, The Color Oxford English Dictionary is a must have for bloggers, writers and students.

Suggested Challenge: Learn a new word a week this year. New words can spark fresh conversations which can lead to more conversations which could lead to…

Be careful though: Words are powerful. Use them wisely: #sixwordstories.

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