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Anyone who REALLY knows me well knows that I am NOT and I repeat NOT a fashionista. I wear what’s comfortable and SOMETIMES it’s cute. I love pinks, purples, hats, and rocker wear, which for me consists of a t-shirt with a musician on it and some tight jeans and a leather jacket.

Although I can’t name more than five designers off the top of my head, I do enjoy watching Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model and any other fashion show that’s out. I think I relate more to the creative process of the designers. As a writer, I respect the artistry that goes into making a blouse, skirt or suit.

So when my co-worker Erika (who is quite fancy, fly and fashionable) invited me to go with her to a fashion show last week I was stoked. I like the drama and high art of runway shows. The music, the lights and the models intrigue me as they stomp down the catwalk in clothes that I know I would never wear.

As we settled into our seats and were about to be treated to a show that was sponsored by RS POP, a social media pop-up shop on 47th & Lexington Avenue that featured fashions by Sandra Baquero & SoHung Designs, we noticed that the really “cool” people were wearing shades. I kept my sun blockers in my purse though because I wanted to see every color, pattern and stitch of the clothes. Hey, a girl can get used to this fashion stuff! So enjoy the pictures and feel free to comment if you see anything you like. Dimming the lights… Cueing the music… Let’s go! (For effect, click the music link and listen as you view the fashions)

Kanye West – Flashing Lights

Photo – Tameka Mullins –  Lyric Fire – 2010

Photo – Tameka Mullins –  Lyric Fire – 2010

Photo – Tameka Mullins –  Lyric Fire – 2010

Photo – Tameka Mullins –  Lyric Fire – 2010

Photo – Tameka Mullins –  Lyric Fire – 2010

Photo – Tameka Mullins –  Lyric Fire – 2010
For more info about designer Sandra Baquero, click here:

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  1. Very nice fashion show. Good event.

  2. Indeed it was! Thanks for your feedback. I like your website. Have a wonderful week!

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