My Blog Lyric Fire: Book to Binge on: “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak

After scouring websites and magazines for a new book to binge on this Sunday, I discovered “The Book Thief,” released in 2006. The title caught my attention and when I read the main review along with the many glowing reader reviews, I knew I had to read this book. After I pen this post I plan to order the title on my new Samsung Vibrant phone using the Kindle App w/Whispersynch. (I’ll blog more about the Samsung Vibrant and Kindle App with Whispersynch in a future post)

What intrigues me about this book is that it’s geared toward young adult readers ages 12 and up, but most of the reviews were by adults praising the story, it’s pacing and imagery. Also, the main narrator of the story is DEATH. Yes, that’s right death. It features as its main character a foster girl living in Germany during World War II. There seems to be a lot of meat in this soup and I’m looking forward to diving in. I’ll post my own review in a few weeks.

So for now, you can read Amazon’s review of “The Book Thief” and watch an interview with author, Markus Zusak below:


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