My Blog Lyric Fire: Knowing Your Literary Worth-A Multi-Part Series

When I put pen to paper or fingers to keys in that moment I’ve taken a vow. I’m literally married to my work. I don’t take the union lightly. I cherish and value my relationship with all my heart and soul. I don’t take it lightly or for granted. It means the world to me. It gives me life when I feel near death. It soothes me when I’m agitated and of course it is at times the supreme source of my discomfort.

Recently I was tempted to betray my partner. The promise of a new lover and marital situation was quite strong. But to taste of this newness I would have had to throw away everything that I’ve built, take off the ring I love so much and walk down the aisle with another, one that could possibly provide much more security, but who also lacks the essential passion that I desperately need to survive.

I’m sure you’re wondering what the circumstances were and how I was made to be so tempted. I’m usually quite loyal. But even the strongest of us can be swayed by a few gold piece promises every now and then.

In my next installment, I’ll talk about how I chose to stay on course and not betray the writer and artist in me for the promise of finally becoming a published author. It was not an easy decision, but I know it will pay off in the long run.

Remember to ALWAYS write from your heart and soul. Til next time.

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