My Blog Lyric Fire: Sexy R&B Power Singers Who Will Scare Your Clothes Off!

All this hot weather is making me focus on fun things so that’s why you haven’t had a post from me in a while. I thought I’d get back on the horse with a fun one this time around. I was watching an old school music video the other day and it brought to mind some of the male R&B singers that have those powerful voices that have sex appeal, but that can also scare the be-jesus out of you sometimes. In a good way though. There’s nothing like a deep strong voice singing declarations of lust or love. Mmmm.

The following are my top-5 R&B voices that produce romantic thoughts and also send a frightful shiver down the spine. Feel free to comment and let me know if I forgot anyone and add your own! Enjoy the summer!

1. Dennis Edwards: He has that soulful old school gravel to his tone that makes you, well it can get you in the right mood. When he sang Don’t Look Any Further he meant it. Just check him out in this video. Confident, strong and sexy. Notice how he grabs Siedah Garrett’s arm at 3:12. Mmmm. Mmmdayohh, Don’t Look Any Further indeed!

2. Johnny Gill: Anyone who knows soul music has heard of Johnny Gill. That man can sing his face off and literally he actually does sometimes. He hits low notes that would scare a bear away! Singing with passion is his greatest talent and in this video all that power is on full display. Get ’em Johnny!

3. Teddy Pendergrass: When I was a little girl my mother and aunts used to go crazy when Teddy’s music came on the radio. I didn’t quite understand then, but I do now. When Teddy told you to Close The Door you did it. It didn’t open until the next day either. “Come here woman!” We miss you Teddy! RIP!

4. Shabba Ranks: All you need to hear is one word: SHABBA! Most of the time I had no idea what this man was saying but it sure sounded good. A lot of people say that Shabba isn’t attractive, but it really doesn’t matter does it? 😉 Champion Lover!

5. Christopher Williams: You remember him from the classic film New Jack City. That scene when Nino Brown stuck that knife through his hand made all the women cry. Leave Christopher alone! With such a silky and powerful voice one wonders why his career didn’t go as far as the notes he could hold. Oh well, Promises, Promises!

Coming up on Lyric Fire: I highlight some of the most dramatic music videos of all time. Stay tuned!

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