My Blog – Lyric Fire: Morning E…Rection

I love when the moon hides and the sun takes center stage because I get flashbacks and reflections that cause early morning E…rections.

The EXCITEMENT and ENCHANTMENT I feel causes my poetry to pour like precious passion. I’m remembering that for 7 hours straight I’ve caressed the core of you and the pleasure is everlasting.

The memory of our melodic, symphonic moans gives me ENERGY and takes my mind places I thought I’d never see.

Up over and down snow-capped ski slopes in frigid countries, to the exotic sun torched sandy beaches of the Caribbean, what we’ve done together is heavenly and could never be classified as a sin.

I’ve escaped into you and you’ve taken me over. I no longer exist just for self, I’ve transcended my solitary state. I’m now bonded with the thousands of you and your ELEGANCE makes my creativity and ENLIGHTENMENT flow like a storm stimulated lake.

The anticipation of your touch is often just too much and my head is instantaneously ENGORGED with numerous fantasies. You are always the star and main attraction. Your brilliant performances continually bring me to sated satisfaction. Yes, I know I said it twice.

I wish I could stay this way all day with you surrounding me with your love, lust and light. But the sunshine is calling me babe so right now I must take flight.

Do not dare dissipate from my world because if you do I will surely perish. I don’t say this often, but honey, you I do lovingly cherish.

Don’t ever leave me, my morning E…rection…

Please don’t deflate…. Oh no! Too late…


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Comments (2 Responses)

  1. Eddie says:

    I enjoyed reading this 🙂

  2. Hi Eddie! Thanks for taking the time to read it. I appreciate your artistic gaze my fellow wordsmith. I look forward to reading your work. Your stories look intriguing.
    The Craigslist post was too much! Have a creative week dear!

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