My Blog – Lyric Fire: The Poetic Art Pairings Project (Coming soon!)

Paintings and drawings have always inspired my writing. Flashes of color, strokes of symmetry and languishes of artistic shapes on a page or canvas transports me into an immediate literary world in seconds flat.

So I decided to pay homage to this source of inspiration by starting the Poetic Art Pairings Project which will pair my original poetry inspired by art pieces.

I’m currently asking my personal network of artists to submit art pieces and I will then write poems based on them. The art work, my poems and some background on the original inspiration behind the art pieces will be featured right here on Lyric Fire.

Stay tuned for more information about this poetic artistic mashup!

I’m looking forward to your comments and feedback about this.


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Comments (3 Responses)

  1. Oh, my–I’d like to contribute:). Should I submit photos or would you like some abstract pieces in puffy paint?! Great idea! xo

  2. Hi Creative Cookie! Yes, I’d love for you to contribute! Please send whatever your heART desires. I’m intrigued by the pieces in puffy paint though. 🙂
    I can’t wait to see your submission. Please let your other artsy friends who paint, draw or sketch know about this! I’m so excited! 🙂

  3. Still waiting Creative Cookie. I forgive you though because you have been super busy. 🙂

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