My Blog – Lyric Fire: Sans Perspective

Just like an empty room, when it comes to you I have no perspective

No shapes, no lines, no texture or color on walls to give me a sense of direction

The hallway echos in silence as your heavy black boots no longer mark up my doormat and floor with outside soot

A singular plate clinks with a irritating thud in the sink, angry as it has no companion to bounce off of

My microwave door sticks and renders itself difficult in opening as if to punish me for it’s usage knowing only one meal will be warmed up instead of two

When did inanimate objects start becoming so insolent?

I have enough trouble taming the emotions of red-blooded humans in my world

My bed sheets are cold and uncomfortable now that you’re gone

Thread count is meaningless

Pillow-top padding feels like hard stone under my body

Flat screen TV entertainment is dull and colorless against the backdrop of the quiet room

Intricate tapestry that surrounds my dwelling now looks gaudy and out of place

The master bath with all it’s trinkets, soaps and soothing aura is now just a place to take a dump


What a word

When you don’t want something you take it to the dump

An endless array of unwanted garbage

Singing all out of key and celebrating its stench


I hate the way the word feels in my mouth



Such ugly cadence for an even uglier word

You should not be able to associate such ugliness with the ending of human relations

Aren’t endings like beginnings but with tears?

They are necessary

Just like proper square footage to live in

Just like art work that needs to frame blank white walls

Just like soft couches that dot the landscape of a room and hold ample backsides

Just like a shower radio that soothes and serenades as you ready yourself for the day

Just like sunshine as it pours it’s yellow rays out onto the world

Endings hold a proper place

In our lives

In our homes

Our hearts

Our minds

Our souls

Without endings we would never appreciate beginnings

Just like without burned-out worn out building frames and patchy pitiful plots of land

We would never appreciate the splendid design of dream homes and condos that we’d love to own

What is life without perspective?

Just an empty room waiting to be filled I suppose

A room with no view

A room without you

Sans perspective


© 2010 – 2014, TamekaMullins. All rights reserved.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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  1. Found your blog on Facebook. Your writing is wonderful! I’m now following you. I’m a writer too. Would love to connect and have you follow me as well. You can only sign up through Google to follow me, but it’s simple. Hope you’ll check out my blog. Confessions of a Cluttered Mind at:
    KEEP WRITING! So happy to have found your blog.

  2. Hello Debbie! Thanks so much! I am now following you as well. Looking forward to reading your blog and sharing creative energy!
    Have a wonderful evening!

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