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Okay, there are way too many shows on television. We have network TV, cable TV, Hulu, webisodes and  content you can watch on your phone and music players. The list goes on and on. So I’m browsing around on Hulu after taking a leisurely stroll this weekend and find a DIY network show in it’s fourth season called Blog Cabin. Come on. How could I have missed this?

The premise: Blog It. Build It. Win It.

The process: A team of home improvement experts build a cabin inspired by bloggers who post their design ideas on the DIY website. When the home is complete a lucky winner gets to move in! Sweet!

The location for Blog Cabin 2009 was Asheville, NC and I have posted the finale episode which features the finished dream dwelling. Now that I know about this show, I might have to jump into the act. This year’s location is the Catskill Mountains, Sullivan County, NY. That’s only two hours away. I could be blogging in new digs in no time. One can dream, right? Anyway, even if I don’t win at least I found another interesting show to watch.

Check out last year’s beautiful blog cabin below:

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  1. Chavah says:

    Wow, I would love to win that prize! I’d probably be addicted to the show, we don’t get it here in NZ. Just came through from a NB discussion and am following 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for following and commenting Chavah. Yes, I am going to be following this show closely this season. I want to win! Then I can invite all my blogger friends over for a blog party. Wouldn’t that be cool?
    Do you have access to I think most episodes will be posted there for free.
    So you’re in NZ. Amazing. I hope you post pictures on your blog. I hear that area is gorgeous!
    Keep it creative and have a wonderful week ahead!

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