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As writers, actors, painters, poets and singers, we are always looking for additional ways to express our creativity and love for our art. Tattoos are a great way to display on the outside what you’re truly feeling on the inside. An inked up arm, back or chest can tell your life story and spark provocative conversation.

Yours truly is honored to be a part of the Tattooed Poets Project on Bill Cohen’s lovely blog Tattoosday. In my feature I give insight on why I chose my tattoo and one of my poems is also highlighted to jump off a whole month of celebrating poets who have tattoos.

Bill is a lover of blogging and capturing the artistic essence of New Yorkers so PLEASE become a fan of his page on Facebook, Tattoosday Facebook Fan Page, follow him on Twitter @tattoosday and check out his other blogs as well. Have an amazingly creative day all!
Click here to: Check out my tattoo and poetry on the Tattoosday blog


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