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I can’t remember a day when I haven’t written something. Even as a young girl, I scribbled words all over the place. Sometimes I wrote on surfaces that weren’t meant to be scribbled on, but that’s another story. Writing is just a natural and pleasurable act that I love to engage in. Whether it’s creative writing such as poetry, a blog post or novel chapters or even pieces such as press releases or white papers that I author in my¬† professional life, writing is my medicine, my delicious dessert, my ultimate trip around the world.

So with that said, I’m wondering why I sometimes retreat from writing when I’m waiting for decisions from agents, editors and publishers. It’s odd because that is the time I should be writing the most. When I send my work out into the world to be evaluated I sometimes feel like a concerned mom. I’m wondering if my baby is wearing her gloves and if she’s brushed her teeth or if her hair is combed. It’s almost like I feel guilty when I start a new project if I don’t know how the current one is fairing under the eyes of the person that could catapult me into the publishing arena.

But to not write is to stall and be stagnant. What I’m learning is that writers must write and editors must edit. Every creation is a cause for celebration and I can’t worry about the outcome. My job is to keep on writing. When I’m creating and producing I’m not thinking about agents, contracts or book deals. I’m totally engaged in the world I’m developing and I love how that feels.

So when your manuscript is in literary orbit put on your traveling shoes and go on a journey with your characters. Continue to produce words while you wait. It’s better than worrying about something you can’t control. When you’re writing you are always in control. Embrace your power and the reward will be sweet.

Never retreat.

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  1. Lesley says:

    Great advice. i do not consider myself a writer per se, but your words can be applied to other creative endeavors. Keep going, even when you’re afraid, sharpen your skills. Thank you for this food for thought on a snowy day.

  2. Thanks Lesley! You are a writer my dear! I will keep going! Enjoy your day and keep warm.

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