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Another year has passed and here we are in 2010. Most of us are asking, where do I begin? I think whenever we approach a new year, a new job, a new relationship or anything in the first cycle we often feel uncertain and nervous.

Actually, we have already begun. Unless we are newborns experiencing everything for the first time, a new situation is simply a continuation. All of the experiences we have had before become the foundation for the future that we wish to build. That’s why the decisions we make are very important. Even if we don’t make the right ones, we should learn from them and apply the knowledge to something new.

So don’t fret about what you will accomplish in 2010. You have built a foundation for fabulous progress. Keep building, mold the clay in the way you want it to be. Shape it, smooth it out, infuse life’s colors in new ways.  As a special note of inspiration to my fellow writers that may be asking, so, where do I begin? I say to you, simply, pick up the pen!

Welcome to 2010!

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  1. We’re thinking along the same lines. Why make new year’s resolutions if you’re always growing and challenging yourself? It’s fun to think of 1/1 as an opportunity for a fresh start, but it’s no different than if December had 32 days. Just keep striving. Good luck this year!

  2. Tamstarz says:

    Exactly! Thanks so much and I wish the same for you!

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