My Blog – Lyric Fire: Too Much Fire?

Someone recently told me that I give away too much poetry, but I can’t keep it all inside. My lyrics are not meant to hide.

Sure compensation would be great, and I know it’s on the way, but I can’t wait to be paid when I have something to say.

It’s a true gift when I relate something of meaning and receive a thank you.

So if you read it and receive it, and get something nice in return, I’ll keep putting pen to paper and letting it burn.

That’s my Lyric Fire and without it I’ll yearn. I can’t do that, so I will continue to share until the words are gone and my soul is bare.

Life isn’t always fair and at times the money won’t be there, but my words are worth more than gold and if it takes more time for them to be sold, I still need a lyrical release. So I’ll be bold and beat my chest like a beast and let these poetic ideas bubble up and rise like yeast.

That’s my Lyric Fire burning baby and published or not I cannot cease to increase my literal feast. So sit down at my table and say a prayer for this food you’re about to receive. Open your eyes and dig in. It’s time to eat.


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