My Blog – Lyric Fire: The American Mind

Conditioned to believe we own the world

our psyches shatter when trouble swirls


Patience is not our virtue

We want it now and we will take it from you

Troubling, but true


Images of wealth-filled lives flood our eyelids daily for years on end

Stimulating us to strive, steal, cheat, spend and never lend

Those of us with meager means feel like failures in worthless skin


Never-mind our inner treasures, gifts given by God so generously

We beat ourselves down so bad our eyes cease to see

Our hearts resist to feel

All we want is that book or record deal


So we can validate our success with a check

We want to hit #1 so we can say we are the best


There is no sin in wanting to win

But the American mind often doesn’t enjoy the game

Without the trappings of material things it just isn’t the same


We can’t imagine waking to dead bodies, crushed buildings and no water access

Could we survive if given this life altering test?

Countless souls miles away deal on the daily with this terrible mess


Can the reality of a tragedy so far away expand the American mind?

As life’s clock continues to tick down, we will all know in time


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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