My Blog – Lyric Fire: December of my Distraction or Destiny?

December is a month where just about everyone can become distracted. It’s filled with holiday preparations and parties and also signals the close of a year. For me it’s even more distracting because it’s my birth month. I’m also blessed to have quite a few December born friends in my life as well so guess what? Even more distraction.

It can be pleasantly overwhelming as you celebrate birthdays and milestones and also look back on the year that was. But it is also important to stay on course even during this busy time. For writers and other artists December can be a great month to become inspired. I am the queen of the notebook scribble. I’m always writing down the first few lines of a poem, ideas I have for novels, notes for blog entries and much more in my trusted little blue and brown notepad that I carry everywhere with me.

The holidays can be a playground for creative expression. Even if for a few moments a day, jot down some thoughts to be fleshed out later. Don’t let the craziness of the month overpower your inner artist. Harness the holiday energy and build on it in January when it slows down. Stay focused during this busy time and allow December to be a month not only of delightful distractions but of determined destiny.

Happy Holidays!


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  1. Cheap Computer Canada says:

    Creativity can come during the holiday season a you get lots of free time.

  2. So true! Thanks for stopping by! Come again.

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