My Blog – Lyric Fire: Six Months Since Submission

Looking over my notes I realized it’s been six months since I submitted my novel Letters to Chyna to the publisher who requested it.

In that time I’ve started this blog, fleshed out an idea for an art showcase (more to come on this soon), became a volunteer for a wonderful organization called Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic, which helps people with print disabilities achieve their goals and dreams, and have on a daily basis along with millions of others, pursued landing a full-time job in this troubled economy.

Each day I wonder, will this be the day my phone will ring with good news from the publisher? I have even constructed in my mind the telephone call exchange from start to finish. Creative visualization is good for the soul. Thinking positively can have a great impact on one’s mood and outlook in uncertain times. Of course you need to put in the work necessary to achieve success as well because thinking without action is fruitless.

So I write these words to encourage and inspire other writers who also may be waiting on good news. Notice how I say that. Waiting on good news. Not waiting on uncertain or bad news. Remember to keep writing and stay active in other projects in the meantime. Also, follow other leads and stay open to new ways of getting your work into the hands of decision makers. Most importantly, envision your book bound and on shelves. When you are passionate and positive, your goals will be realized.

Trust and believe it.

For information on how you can become a volunteer forĀ Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic visit:

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