Lyric Fire: Pen Meets Canvas

The world of art for me includes writing, music, paintings, photography, food, travel, nature and much more. My main form of creative expression involves the pen and I’m always inspired on a deeper level by non-literary influences.

What can be a better creative conduit than art? The colors, shapes and dimensions of a drawing, water color or painting can take you on a full-scale journey in just the time it takes for your eyelashes to meet in a blink.

If you have the resources to travel, try exploring one of the museums that Fodor’s features in their recent listing of the 11 European Museums You Should See In Your Lifetime:

If you can’t escape right now, inspirational art is just a wheel-click or touch-screen tap away on your iPod. You can listen to a gallery tour or view video clips of actual art pieces by visiting the Museum Room on iTunes.

Color up your imagination and paint deeper hues on your own creative canvas of choice by taking an artistic journey.

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